Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Coldplay, DC Verizon Center, July 9, 2012

Alright, I had other things to talk to you about today but we are going to need to put that on hold so I can take a moment to tell you how awesome last night's Coldplay concert was.

It was awesome.

I would not consider myself a particularly big fan of the band although I am familiar with and like their music (my ticket was given to me by my law firm) but they KILLED IT live. The concert was a full-on spectacle, which was fitting for the huge venue that is the Verizon center. I wouldn't have thought that I'd enjoy a concert in a big stadium-like atmosphere like this (I tend to prefer smaller venues), but I am now eating my words. There were lasers...confetti blasters...

...beach balls filled with confetti that seemed to explode on command...

Chris Martin moved down to the end of the stage/catwalk for this song (the part shaped like an X), and people started passing him their beach balls, which he good-naturedly kicked or spiked back into the crowd.

...and at one point in a song that was talking about hearts, several beating hearts suddenly appeared in the audience.

See them?  They are the bulbousy things lit up between rows of people.

The best gimmick, however, were these multicolored wristbands that were distributed at the start of the concert. The wristbands had little LED lights in them that were controlled by a central system.

My wristband (you could choose your color).

Concert-goers were asked to don the bands and then at various points in the show everybody's wristband would light up in a blinking frequency to match the music. It created a beautiful twinkling of light in the crowd.

The overall effect.

The effect in motion.

Of course, Coldplay was also absolutely excellent musically.

Fix You -- one of my favorites.  It's a bit shakey because I was watching the stage instead of my phone!  (Did you see the documentary Young@Heart?  There's a very sad backstory in that movie involving this song and now I always tear up whenever I hear it!)

The band sounded pitch-perfect and Chris Martin seemed elated to be performing and was generous with gratitude. The band even performed one of their two encores in Section 111 surrounded by fans. They played for approximately an hour and forty-five minutes.

Overall, this was probably the best concert I've ever been to despite the fact that I rarely ever listen to Coldplay!  One of my co-workers said that she is an avid concert-goer and Coldplay's concert was probably the best she'd ever seen (in a very close heat with The Killers) and was better than both Jay-Z and Kanye's concerts!  That's just about the most ringing endorsement I can imagine.  If you have a chance to see them live (even/especially in a big, non-intimate venue like this), I'd highly recommend it. I didn't pay for my ticket, but if I had I am certain I would have felt I'd gotten my money's worth.

(Also, Robyn was the opening act and I've had "Dancing on my Own" stuck in my head since last night!)

Incidentally, have you heard of gomusicnow.com?  (Formerly gomusic.ru?)  You can buy songs for a mere 9-15 CENTS each!  I've been using this service since 2007 and I have saved TONS of money by avoiding iTunes.  (Read more about it here.)

What was your favorite concert-going experience?  Are you a fan of Coldplay?

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