Sunday, July 29, 2012


Whomp.  I am in the office today.  Got here at 10:30.  Will probably be here until the other 10:30.  I would like some kind of calculated distraction.  So tell me:

  1. What fun things are you doing today?  Let me live vicariously through your Sunday.  (And if you too are working, let's gripe.)
  2. What TV are you watching tonight?  I don't know about you, but Sunday night summer TV is probably one of my favorite TV nights.  My two Sunday night favorites on the air right now?

These shows are just about as different as they could possibly is about a high school science teacher-turned-meth kingpin with terminal lung cancer and a price on his head while the other is about a peppy fashion model reincarnated as a slightly overweight plaintiffs' attorney who works at the same firm as her former-self's now-mourning fiancee.  In fact, it may tarnish my credibility as a die-hard Breaking Bad fan to even admit to liking the mental junk food that is Drop Dead Diva, but what can I say --- it's a cute mental break.

Sometimes I think there is a relationship between the difficulty of the work I do and the vapidity of my recreational activities.  The harder my days, the more I want to sit down with something empty for a while afterwards.  Does that make sense?

Speaking of work, are any of my readers law students who are interviewing for law firms this fall?  Just wondering if I will run into any of you in interviews!

Speaking of law firms, it's time to get back to mine...whomp again.

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