Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A few things I've purchased lately

Despite the fact that I am on a much more limited budget than I have been in the past due to an aggressive multi-year strategy to pay down my student loans (here)...

Ack, look how close I was to paying my first one off this month!!  Arrrrggg...

...I have made a few relatively frivolous purchases in recent weeks (within my budget) that I figured I would share!

(Remember these shoes from last week?  I returned them.  They ran wide.)


I am a TOTAL sucker for cookie dough, so a cookbook featuring only cookie dough recipes is pretty much guaranteed to make its way into my house.  I think I love the concept of this book slightly more than its practical ramifications...meaning that I love the very fact that somebody created this cookbook more than I love the idea of making some of these things.  Then again, making chocolate chip cookie dough fudge, marshmallows, brownies, and bread pudding are sounding like very good ways to spend the next few weekends.  (Also, sidenote:  the book is spiral-bound beneath the hardcover, which makes for easy page turning and holding-open!)


Have you ever played Apples to Apples?  Cards Against Humanity is billed as the "Party Game for Horrible People."  As you can see from the cards above, that's largely true.  Players take turns reading a black prompt card (example:  "why am I sticky?") and then other players contribute a white response card that they think is the "best" response to the prompt.  The prompt reader then selects the best card, using whatever criteria he wants.  What makes the game so outrageous and fun is that the cards are RIDICULOUS (other favorites include "German Dungeon Porn," "Shooting a rifle into the air while balls-deep in a squealing hog," and "Glen Beck catching his scrotum on a shower hook."  (Adrien and Marianne just blogged about the game here!) 

The only problem is that it's almost constantly sold out at Amazon, and you can't buy it at local game stores.  The upside is that the game is licensed under a creative commons license, which means that you can print it out for FREE right here.  (I recommend printing the black response cards on a different color paper.)  I bought one copy of the game and then printed out two more -- one to keep at my BF's house and one to keep at work.  (I filtered out the really inappropriate ones for the work version, and added a few work-specific cards to the mix as well!) (i.e., "Crying tears that taste like documents.") 

This game is just a great thing to keep around for that moment when the party lulls a bit but nobody is quite ready to go home!


This is not something I bought (yet!), but check out this awesome drawing of me from Vitamin J!  Isn't that fantastic?  Jyoti frequently draws what she wears on her blog, but she's starting a new feature where she will draw what other people wear.  I'm thrilled to have been the first subject!  (original outfit post here)


Other than these things, I've managed to avoid most of the tempting clothing sales I've been spying around the internet lately.  J.Crew almost got me (I love the Lucille Dress and Shirred Maxi Skirt in festival green!) but I'm hoping the prices will come down a bit more (on top of the current 40%-off promo, which ends today...) before I plunge.  Sigh.

Focusing on my goal of paying down my student loans quickly has been helping.  I actually find myself looking forward to the middle of the month when I can dump money into my loans.  With less than $60 left in my first loan, I KNOW I will be able to finally pay it off next month and move onto the next one!

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