Monday, June 18, 2012

OOTD: Plain and Simple

On Thursday I wore that J.Crew dress from a month or so ago (see here) that I was debating returning.

In This Outfit:
J.Crew Winnie* dress (here - sold out, but on sale for ~$50 in stores)**
Payless Dexter Karma Pump (no longer available) (similar at target here)
Kate Spade Eyeglasses Necklace (not really similar eyeglass necklace at F21 here) (or etsy)
Kate Spade Citron lever-back earrings (similar)
Michael Kors watch (similar here on sale)

* Thanks to Caitlin for the identification!
** As caligiari mentions in the comments, this dress runs big.  I am wearing a size four here (I'm usually a six at J.Crew) and my boyfriend still observed that the dress looked a bit loose.  I like the fit of the four, but YMMV.)

I'm glad you guys talked me into keeping this one. It's somewhat of a heavy weight fabric, but it's loose-fitting and comfortable and it flatters me the way I wish Anthro's Embossed Basket Dress flattered me. (it did not.). Cap sleeves are a great look for me, I think.

Wearing this dress on Tuesday once again reminded me of the simple versatility of a good black dress.  I wore it in the office all day, and then it transitioned seamlessly to an after-work dinner reception for the American Constitutional Society.  (I saw Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick speak --- he is VERY compelling.)  Then I made my way to a sports bar to watch the Heat/OKC game (go Heat!) (<-- born in Miami) and it still worked.  Of course, it helped that this is DC so people are rarely out-of-place wearing work clothes anywhere on a weeknight.

Also, I rode my bike to all of these destinations and the dress is stretchy and breathable and long enough that I didn't even flash anybody along the way!

My workplace is such that I don't need to wear all-black EVERY day, but since I sometimes wear spunky clothes around the office, it's important for me to throw in a mix of simple, classic, utterly unassailable outfits as well. How do you balance your "personality" outfits with classic work pieces, if you do at all?

And now it's time to stare down the face of a few written products that need to get finished today. I'll have a financial update for you at some point this week!

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