Friday, June 8, 2012

OOTD: I need an intervention

Have you ever bought something that was just too perfect?

You know, the kind of clothing item that goes with everything, makes you feel great, is practical, is comfortable, is easy, and pretty much gives you an attitude orgasm every time you look at it?  Something so fantastic that it has essentially stunted your wardrobe because you can imagine no way to get dressed without said item?

Well, these shoes are that for me right now:

I just adore everything about them.  They are the perfect summer flat.  Work-appropriate, easy for biking, good summer color, and because they are only $17 full price (here) I will not feel badly if I shred them up while biking and need to buy several backup pairs.

I've been wearing them almost non-stop for a month and biking in them nearly every day, and they still look pretty good:

There are some minor scratches around the toe, which I attribute to the biking (when I stop at a light, I put my toe down on the road), but these are not noticeable from a normal height.

So, thank you Payless for making a splendid nude flat and selling it for a song.  This is the only pair of shoes for which I have ever contemplated buying a backup pair (and probably will).

In this Outfit:
Anthropologie Pave Posts (here)
Anthropologie Season's Way Shirt (S)
Isaac Mizrahi for Target Skirt (thrifted)
J.Crew Factory Patent Triple Loop Belt (here)
J.Crew Bracelet
Michael Kors Watch (similar)
Payless Chelsea Flat (nude) (here)

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