Saturday, June 16, 2012


This is something like what I wore on Friday:

Except instead of pizza and a video game controller it was coffee and my laptop, remotely connected to the office from my boyfriend's couch.
Friday did not go quite as planned.
This is what happened:

I woke up extra-early to finish what I thought would be a one-hour assignment remotely from home before running (literally) into the office for the remainder of the day. I plopped onto the futon in my boyfriend's basketball shorts and what may or may not have been a clean men's undershirt.

You know what happens next, of course.
This "one hour assignment" had become, overnight, a three-hour assignment...which became, over the course of the morning, a full-day assignment.
A three-hour assignment....a threeeee houuurr assiiiignmennnt...(image)
Of course this assignment produced new wrinkles at unexpected intervals meaning I COULD NOT LEAVE MY COMPUTER OR TAKE A SHOWER ALL DAY.
I'm being slightly over dramatic; I probably could have done one or both of these things, but just my luck the twenty minutes I was disconnected would have been the twenty minutes when I needed to be around.

In any case, that's the story of how you bill ten hours before 4pm on a Friday.
After our project finally left my hands, I could not bring myself to move on to the next task on my list. Instead, BF and I hopped on some bikes (me on my folding bike---still pending adequate blog coverage---and he on my old hybrid bike, which now feels to me like riding a monster truck) and rode a bit along DC's Mount Vernon trail and Capital Crescent trail.
DC has some wonderful bike trails that I didn't take much advantage of before getting my Brompton, but because I now find myself wanting to ride my bike EVERYWHERE I have started exploring them.
Along the Mount Vernon trail in Alexandria, VA

Best part of the ride---I didn't even need to change out of my "OOTD"!

I hope you all have lovely, active, and work-free weekends. My weekend will be at least two of these three things!

PS: don't forget to call your dad tomorrow!

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