Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This Sale Haul is not a Coincidence

This morning I dropped my alarm clock on the floor while trying to hit snooze.  It shattered and broke.

Hours later, I visit (my newest sale-a-day obsession).  What do they have on sale?  Clocky.

Yeah, this'll do.

Click here to buy (and to give me a referral credit while you're at it). 

Note that, while Tocky, the wheel-less model, has cooler features (you can set your own MP3s or voice recordings as a wakeup) Tocky also has far worse reviews on Amazon owing to shortcomings in the design. (Tocky reviews) (Clocky reviews)

(FYI: most of the negative reviews for Clocky on Amazon resulted from people getting knock-off Clockys; these reviewers suggest buying from the official website instead of Amazon. As a result of the knockoff risk, it seems like Fab, which appears to be getting their stock directly from the manufacturer, may be a better choice than Amazon in this situation, even with the shipping charge on Fab.)

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