Tuesday, May 8, 2012

OOTD: You've come a long way, Navy.

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Over the last few months, I've become increasingly impressed with Old Navy. I used to associate the company with poor quality, unattractive merchandise, but after seeing some of their new designs in action on other bloggers I've gained a new respect for them. Now I see them as a company with poor quality but totally cute merchandise that's probably worth the less than $20 cost as long as you get a few wears out of the item before it dies.

Case in point, this top.

I mean, this is a great top. Sure, it's some kind of hellbound cousin of cotton that still calls itself cotton but feels a bit rough in a linen-y way. But it cost less than $20, is comfy, is breathable, is a great pattern, and is a flattering shape.

I call that a win!

I also call that, "I'll take it in two colors!"

(buy here) (see it on Adrien here)

I'm wearing a bunch of other worthy pieces in this outfit; this is color #2 of 4 J.Crew factory pencil skirts I own (other colors: Kelly green, black, and denim). (For an alternative (negative) view on this skirt, see here.) (I don't think this wrinkles any more than any other cotton skirt would.) I love the slimming seams on the side!

BF got himself in a spot of trouble when he observed of this skirt that the shape "creates the illusion of a tight [rear]." Oh no honey. No illusion necessary.

Finally, I'd like to give a tip of the hat to my Seychelles Ampersand pumps in royal/cobalt blue.  These babies are total compliment magnets, and they have broken in well over time. For the first two wears, I needed to apply bandages to my feet underneath the pointy parts of the toe box opening. Now they feel great and they are good for about eight to ten hours before I turn into a pumpkin and hobble home.


In this outfit: old navy lightweight tab-sleeve pattern blouse (here); J.Crew factory pencil skirt (here, now 30% off); Seychelles Ampersand Pumps (aka Anthro Curvy Cobalt Platforms) (here in red, black, and taupe) (See them on Keiko in red); J.Crew factory belt, J.Crew factory cluster earrings, J.Crew factory bubble necklace, Michael Kors chronograph watch (on sale for $200 here).

(Edit:  See some more Old Navy on Molly today!)
(and on Marianne today!)

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