Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lazy Saturday... spent thinking about my office?

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I'm enjoying a relaxed Saturday at home, sitting on my couch with a warm cup of coffee and oatmeal in my belly looking outside at a beautiful day. Is there anything better than a Saturday that you don't have to work? Or really, a Saturday that you choose not to do work that you could be doing?

Although I have a barbecue on the books for later today, bizarrely, my brain still seems to be at work. My plan for this afternoon is to walk over to a few nearby thrift stores to browse around for fun tchotchkes to put in my office. I've also got a fancy idea to build a terrarium that I can put on one of my office shelves. That may not get accomplished today, but I would at least like to buy some of the parts.

(How lovely does this look? It's from this tutorial at Apartment Therapy)

I hope by posting about this DIY effort, I will actually finish it. One corner of my apartment is littered with materials I purchased in a fit of inspiration for various DIY projects that I never even started.

I think this terrarium idea stands a decent chance of actually being finished. I just love the idea of having plant life in my office. Perhaps because being trapped inside all day is so counter to all of our human impulses, it feels relaxing to have living greenery inside my workspace. I only have one plant in there now but it's pretty fabulous. It's big and leafy and colorful, and despite all efforts to the contrary, it seemingly will not die.

Sometimes, I will walk into my office after a few days of being away and the plant looks like it's on the verge of death. But within an hour of watering it, it springs immediately back to life. That's the type of plant for me. Practically unkillable, and immediate positive reinforcement of my caretaking efforts.

(Image from this book, also available here and here)

Speaking of plants I probably cannot kill, I'm also thinking of adding a patch of grass to my desk.  I saw something like this on HGTV this week and it looked like a great idea!

Or maybe I will just wuss out and go with fake grass + functionality:

(Only $21 here!  I mean, geez, it's amazing I haven't already purchased this.)

Also, I'm not going to go this far, but how awesome does this look?

One nonliving way I've recently added some green to my office was by buying a roll of cheap contact paper on and lining the back of my bookshelves with it. It took about half an hour to do, and I think it creates a nice cheery effect.

(This paper. Clearly, I need some things to fill my shelves. Like a terrarium.)

How do you like to decorate your workspace?

And in nonwork topics, I hope you have a lovely Cinco de Mayo!

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