Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last Day to Enter the Shopbop Giveaway (plus a Mullaney Dress)

Hey folks, don't forget that today is your last chance to enter my $100 Shopbop giveaway!  There are fewer than 100 entrants so your chances are still comparatively good!  Click here to enter.

Also, I'm busy at work today but I couldn't let this moment escape without a little PSA:  The ever-popular Anthropologie "Mullaney Dress" by Eva Franco (non-Anthro name: Violet dress) is available today on MyHabit.  I'm sorry to link you to two sale-a-day websites in as many days, but when I bought my polka dot Violet dress last year many of you mentioned that you would love to get one of your own.  (See here for the purchase and here for an OOTD.) 

It's a bit pricier than the average Eva Franco sample sale site dress ($128 v. an average of maybe $90), but it's a popular piece so maybe you don't care.  As I type this, it's available in sizes 0-12.  I went with a size up from my true size and wish I'd stuck with my true size.

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