Thursday, May 31, 2012

Glitz and Decay

I had a fun long weekend in Atlantic City. No big poker wins to report, but I stayed within the fixed amount I'd set aside to spend playing. BF and I checked out Revel, the new casino! And it was GORGEOUS!

Huge, well-lit, bustling, and shiny. We arrived in time to enjoy a "food walk" for lunch, in which several of the Revel chefs commissioned special dishes that you could try. It gave us a pretty decent picture of the overall offerings of the casino.

Nothing quite like barely adulterated sugar!

I took my folding bike with me to AC (easily slid into the trunk of our car!) and went on a two-hour bike ride on Sunday morning. It felt like a luxury to enjoy a ride on my own bike while out of town! (I adore the Brompton, btw. More on that another day.

For this trip, we stayed in Pleasantville, which is a few miles outside of Atlantic City proper. I couldn't help snapping a few pictures of the more crumbly side of the city:

Despite the decay, I still totally love that town. Next time I go, I'll be sure to take more flattering photos!

The trip was certainly a hit to my budget, largely in the form of a few pricey meals. I'm still in good shape to make a decent additional student loan payment after Vegas, but I may not pick up much steam on my loan repayments until June or July. Once things settle down a bit around here I will post a proper introduction to my debt repayment strategy!

It seems like I've only just gotten back and already I have packed my bags again with Las Vegas in sight. I will be there from tonight until Tuesday and I can't wait!! It's one of my favorite vacation destinations. Constant stimulation, excitement, poker, shows, food, heat, activities...what more could a gal want?

How did you spend your long weekend?

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