Thursday, May 3, 2012

Decision Crowdsourcing

Okay, readers, I could use your help with regard to three purchases I am currently considering. 

First:  folding bicycles

I briefly mentioned this last week, but I'm now firmly in the market for a folding bike and I'm debating between an economical model (Dahon, Schwinn) or a sexy but heartshatteringly expensive Brompton.  (Come onnnnn, law firm!  Match Beat S&C's spring bonus!)  I'd love to know if you or anyone you know has any experience with a folding bicycle, particularly one of the aforementioned brands!

Second:  food processors.

I'd like to buy a food processor.  I currently have this one and a half cup model, but I'm looking to upgrade to something large enough to handle double pie crusts.  I'm stumped at a) how many cups capacity I'll need; and b) which brand to buy.  There is an insane discrepency between, for example, Hamilton Beach ($60 for a 14-cup model with good reviews) and a Cuisinart (~$200 for a 14-cup model with slightly better reviews).  WHAT?  How are these even close to the same product?

If you have a food processor, tell me about the brand you got and what your thoughts are.  Also, how many cups do I need?

Third:  ice cream makers.

(image -- ironically from a post about making ice cream without an ice cream maker.)
(PS:  I read that blog regularly and love it!  She has some AMAZING splurge-worthy recipes (chocolate chip cookie dough brownies WHAT?).  I recently made these white chocolate coconut brownies and although I thought they came out a little wet, they got rave reviews)

Summer is coming, and I think it would be fun to try my hand at a bit of ice cream making.  I know absolutely nothing about this topic, so it would be great if you more experienced folks just toss a few recommendations at me in the comments.  Brown Eyed Baker (linked in the image credit above) has some great suggestions, but I'd love to learn more about your experience.  From a quick poll of my Facebook friends, it seems many of them disagree with BEB re: the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer ice cream maker attachment, so please weigh in on this if you can.

Thank you in advance!  To repay you, allow me to present two random product endorsements:

1)  Brother multi-function printers.  Reliable, sturdy, provide flatbed copying/scanning capabilities, inexensive (<$100), and ink is SUPER SUPER CHEAP.  As in, <$1 per cartridge (the machine takes four cartridges --- black, yellow, cyan, and magenta --- but you replace them proportionally with your use.  I.e., if you print mostly black & white, then your colors will last a long time).  I recently bought a second Brother to replace my first printer because I wanted the capacity to print directly from my iPhone/iPad, and the older models (like mine) did not have this capacity.  My current model (this one - was on sale for $99 last week) allows you to upload to evernote, flickr, picasa, facebook, google docs, and more!  My boyfriend bought a Brother for himself after using mine all year and is in love with it, too (this one - $69).

2)  Refurbished Kitchenaid Stand MixersIdeeli is selling Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixers today for the low low price of $299, which caused me to smirk a bit because I discovered last year that you can buy the same mixer (in a wider variety of colors) directly from Kitchenaid for less than $200 (here).  The catch:  the models are refurbished and only come with a 6-month warranty.  However, I haven't experienced any issues with my pear beauty, and I feel like a real adult now that I finally have this seminal piece of kitchen equipment!

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Searching for Pallas said...

We have a Kitchen Aid ice cream mixer and love it, has totally worked great forus!

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