Monday, April 16, 2012

Two Ways: White Blazer

(My work schedule often leaves little time for blog posting but more than enough time for blog-picture-taking-with-my-iPhone. One of the advantages for you, dear reader, is that my accumulated backlog of posts often includes one item worn multiple ways. That's interesting right? RIGHT? Anyway, that's where this "Two Ways" idea came from. See others {here}.)

It doesn't take much more than Suri Cruise telling me it's white shoe season {here} for me to start playing around with my white clothing items. I bought this blazer from H&M a month ago in NYC {here} and so far it's treated me reasonably well.

I couldn't tell you why, but I generally seem to find myself struggling with the color white. Something about it is difficult for me to wear, and yet I'm drawn to it like a masochistic moth to a sartorially sadistic flame. Whenever I spot myself saving images of (other people's) outfits I like, it's almost always an outfit involving white.

In any case, the lovely spring weather makes the color white feel easier.

Look One: Ahoy, Blazey

I got a reprieve from work last weekend and spent the day in Annapolis with my boyfriend. I often feel the need to wear some kind of nautical costume whenever I go to seafaring towns, hence this contrasting duo.

H&M blazer (10), Anthro Slubby Tulip Dress (M), Nine West Loafers, J. Crew belt, Anthro Spotted Satchel, Kate Spade "It Takes All Sorts" necklace, earrings via ideeli.

Look Two: Working It (Out)

OMG, what a cheesy title. Go ahead and unfollow if you have to; no hard feelings.

In this outfit: Anthropologie Sketched Danios Dress (4), H&M blazer, Anthropologie Pirouette Flats, Forever 21 necklace (old), Kate Spade studs, Ripplio watch ({here}, no longer available in this color scheme), Anthropologie Bold Strokes Satchel.

This is today's work outfit. I rarely wear this dress because it's pretty unflattering around the tummy section. Also, the pattern is a bit...unusual. (previous outfits {here} and {here}.) However, I've been noticing the positive effects of {my commuter-cizing regimen}* and feeling more confident in my clothes, so this is the result. I feel springy!

* One downside to the regimen: stupid injuries. I slipped in the office gym last week and fell knees-first onto a rough plastic grate, tearing up the skin on my right knee (I.e., a day off running). Today, my kettle bell workout was sidelined because I aggravated a muscle in my shoulder while riding my bike yesterday with a heavy load slung over my arm.

The gym fall was gory.

Stepping down my workout to account for injuries reminds me of how much I have come to rely on the morning energy expenditure for balance throughout my day! Also, Ann over at My Own Little Spot never fails to get me pumped for pumping iron (see, e.g., {here}).

How was your weekend? Is the weather warming up where you are? It's supposed to hit NINETY in D.C. today!

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