Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Runday: Commuter-cizing

Since running the D.C. St. Patrick's Day 8k, I've been trying to maintain my short-distance running ability. It was difficult for me to maintain a fitness regimen during the winter, but now that the weather is warming up, I'm trying to develop routines that will solidify and carry me through next winter out of habit.

One thing that has been working for me lately? Commuter-cizing.

I live about 4 miles away from my office, so I've been alternatively running and biking to and from work. My commute on the metro takes 25 minutes door-to-door; it takes 45 minutes to run to work and 25 minutes to bike ride. Perhaps commuter-cizing appeals to the discount-loving part of my brain, since I'm essentially getting 25 minutes off each workout with the time I would have spent commuting anyway.

On run days, I pack my clothes in a specialty running backpack. (like this one.) It lies close to my back and two chest straps buckle it into place. I keep my cosmetics and blow-dryer in a duffel bag in my office, and I pick it up from my office once I arrive and then go downstairs to take a shower in the gym showers in the basement of our office building.

On bike days, I do an extra workout in the gym. Lately, I've been working through Jillian Michaels' "Shred it with Weights" (buy here) (this is the kettle bell I got in the 15-pound size).

I love having my workout done in the morning, and sometimes I'll even run home if I feel the need to burn off steam after a long day! Usually, waking up earlier in the morning is the main obstacle to finishing an early workout, but it helps me to know that I'm not really losing much time since I have to get my body to work at some point anyway.

Have you ever tried commuter-cizing? Any words of wisdom?

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