Monday, April 2, 2012

OOTD: No Natural

(it's unfortunate that this shirt photographing so bulkily; it doesn't seem like it looks that way IRL...But maybe it does...)

I went on a bit of a fast-fashion spree last week, indulging in a few trends via cheap purchases at ASOS, Forever 21, and Zara. I generally shy away from artificial fibers and cheap prices, as I often find them indicative of low quality, short wearability, and thus a high cost per wear.

But sometimes I just feel like rolling the dice buying a lot of cheap potentially-crap.

Does this make any sense? Maybe not. I just know that I still have a few pieces I bought for $10 or $20 at Charlotte Russe and the like while I was in college, and it's the promise of potentially great pieces like those that keep me coming back for more.

(I got this vest in both blue and brown in ~2004 and it has served me well!)

As far as the elements of today's outfit, I'm sold on the ASOS pants, which already withstood a day of wear and a machine wash (along with a 20 minute tumble dry) looking no worse for the wear. The ikat print top may be a different story. The sheer fabric feels delicate, and I foresee a fatal snag in its future. Hopefully I can wear it two or three times before it dies.

Ikat Print Button Up (Forever 21, here) (M - runs pretty big)
Undertank from Zara (M)
ASOS Low-Slung Peg Pants ($55 here, but I bought them on sale a few weeks ago for $35 somehow?) (8)
Nine West Shoes (thrifted) (because of the rich blue color, these seem to get lots of attention!)
Michael Kors Chronograph watch (on sale here for $187!)
Coach black pave earrings
ALDO necklace (circa 2010)


PS: I got a haircut! I've been seeing the same stylist in NYC (Julie and Jude and Me Salon) for three years and I refuse to switch if I can help it! She's never given me a bad cut, and she has that wonderful ability to adapt what you are asking for into a combination of what you want and what will actually work for your hair/face. I was hoping to debut the cut in a better photo, but I've been "commutercizing" lately, so I am not showered or dressed when I leave the house anymore. More on that another day!

PPS: I saw Hunger Games this weekend, and now I find myself predictably re-reading the second and third books. I very much enjoyed the movie, although I think you miss some of the backstory and significance if you haven't read the first book. Those who have seen it, would you agree with that assessment?

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Jess said...

Love the hair cut! Super adorable. The ikat blouse is lovely too, I hope it can stand the test of wearing and washing. Did you paint your toes to match the shoes?

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