Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Funday: Jewish Girl Stars in Her Own Memes

This afternoon, Facebook informed me that several of my friends had read an entertaining article on Yahoo called, "'Ridiculously Photogenic Guy' Image Goes Viral."

Caption this picture

According to "Know Your Meme," this guy just happened to be running a 10k over the weekend, and a spectator was struck by how collected he looked amidst the crowd of runners and took a candid photo.

He was dubbed "Ridiculously Photogenic Guy," and all of a sudden the meme took off:

Now, I love myself a good meme. Not only are they funny, but I find them intellectually interesting as well. What causes an image or an idea to take off and resonate with all of us to a deep degree? What do these memes say about our society?

(See here for a good analysis of this one.)

So all of this got me thinking: if I inadvertently became a meme, what is it mostly likely to be?

Not Surviving The Apocolypse Girl

Format: This meme would be structured around the many things needed for apocalyptic survival that would not fit in a small purse.


Clueless American Traveler

Format: a play on totally obtuse Americans out of their element.


Precariously Close to the Grand Canyon Girl

Format: Top line references danger or emotion that could result from a fall into the Grand Canyon. Second line indicates that first line was about something unrelated to dangerous proximity to certain death.


Truly Concerned News Follower

Format: news follower expresses a valid political opinion, which is then totally disregarded because she looks absurd.


Are you a fan of Internet memes? If so, link to your favorite one in the comments! The Bill O'Reilly meme (mentioned earlier) and the Bear Grillis memes never fail to make me LOL.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend for those celebrating Passover and Easter!

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