Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Turning Over a New Leaf (EBEW Green)

Top o' the not-quite-morning-anymore to ya! 

World's cutest leprochaun?

I am alive and well, despite running an 8K on Sunday without training for the past month (not the recommended course).  As you may remember, I was sent on a trial in Omaha for almost the entire month of February. I slept an average of three hours a night, and the first thing I cut out of my life was exercise.  (The second thing was healthy eating, but that's another story.)

(Oh, did I mention that we won our trial?  And did I also mention that we got a verdict in only two hours?  Yeah, because that totally happened.)

Despite my lack of fitness, I was committed to finishing the race.  I went on two or three runs the week before the race just to remind my body of how it feels to run.  However, I was certain that I would be unable to run the entire distance (just shy of 5 miles) and planned to start walking once I felt pain.

Amazingly, I managed to run the whole race without stopping, although my time is nothing to write home about (53:25, or a 10:45 pace).

How is it possible to look so un-like a thug while posing like a thug?

Even more amazingly, I was not in a whole lot of pain after the race, either.  I suspected I'd be nearly immobile on Monday, but I actually felt fine. 

Now that I know my body is capable of running this distance, I'm going to start running to work (about 4.5 miles) once or twice a week.  I've noticed that combining exercise with my commute encourages me to actually execute my workouts, so I'm going to (literally) run with that for a while. On the days when I don't run in, I'm trying to bike in. 

Every little bit helps; I'd like to regain my strength and heart health.  Shedding some of this trial weight would be nice, too...only half of my closet fits me right now and the situation is giving me the sads.

In this outfit:  Eva Franco Belted Violet Bloomtown Dress (8), H&M Cardigan, Kate Spade Earrings, Michael Kors watch, thrifted ring.

Of the items that do still fit me, this delightful Eva Franco dress was an irresistable choice today:  the high in D.C. is 79 degrees, the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and there's not a cloud in the sky.  This dress looks a little ridiculous in any other kind of weather but on days like this it's absolutely perfect.  Even better, the skirt portion drapes in very bike-friendly fashion, if you know what I mean.

Alright, back to work (with intermittent googling of kettlebell DVDs). 

Did you join the fitness challenge and run in a race on Sunday?  If so, tell us how it went!  I know a few of you have races coming up this weekend, too.

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