Thursday, March 1, 2012

OOTD: Wearing (Owning) the Pants

I'm going to tell you a long winding story about why I wore these crazy-bright red pants to work recently.

Let me start by saying that I believe I am sometimes embarassing to be seen with in public.  Not always, mind you, but sometimes my awkward ninth grade self emerges and I find myself totally out of place in a given social situation, to the point where I'm sure I must be bringing scorn upon those around me.  Other times, I manage to bring that quality out in others, like the time I somehow prompted a college friend to shout on the streets of NYC how much she enjoyed a particular private act of love.  (PS: she shouted it twice, FYI.)

For example, our first weekend at trial.  I showed up to the office on Saturday in my casual Saturday work duds---oversized sweater, big puffy boots, unmade hair pulled into an updo.  Did I expect to be placed on display for the general public?  NO!  This was Saturday office wear, you guys.  Casual.  Cajh.

Then one thing led to another and before I knew it I was on the dance floor at a gay bar.  You know how it goes.

Anyway, this is what I ended up wearing for that particular occasion:

The Max

I am not joking.

Now let me tell you something about wearing a pullover and moon shoes to a gay bar:  When you wind up inappropriately dressed for the night's festivities by THIS degree, the best you can do is take two tequila shots and just OWN it.  Which is what I did.  I had a great time; something about the utter ridiculousness of my outfit made me feel more comfortable dancing for some strange reason (or was that the tequila?).  After that night, and these pants gained somewhat of a cult following.

So then, when I managed to put together a decently professional outfit with these pants....let's just say the jury made up of the twelve most antiestablishmentarian brain cells in my cranium came back with a unanimous verdict in favor of wearing the pants.

Would I necessarily recommend donning either get-up in your own lives?  For that question, I think I'll plead the fifth.

In this Outfit:
J.Crew Polka Dot Blouse
Vera Moda Red Jeans (via Asos) (similar)
Schuler and Sons Snake Print Kitten Heels (via Anthropologie) (8.5 - size down)
Michael Kors Chronograph Watch (on sale for $187 here)
J.Crew Factory Cluster Earrings
Kate Spade "Hang in There" Glasses Pendant

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