Wednesday, March 28, 2012

OOTD: Throw a Black Blazer on it, part 1

I have probably mentioned my love for black blazers many times before on this blog. I can't help but be effusive---such an easy piece to find in a full range of prices, and such a staple for any woman who wants to look sharp. I'm of the opinion that you can throw a black blazer over pretty much anything and it will look appropriate.

I mean, sure, there are a few exceptions.

(In fairness to this girl, she did clarify that she didn't actually walk outside like this. But still the point remains: the black blazer does have its limitations)

While I continue to clear my backlog of outfits on my way to showing you all my new haircut, which will forever bust me in my effort to post pre-trial shots that have languished on my hard drive, I've got a few outfits that feature the fantastic work-appropriate-transformatory properties of a black blazer.

First, let's explore the ability of the black blazer to take a questionably tasteful outfit and make it seem put-together:

This See by Chloe mini sack dress, worn here as a top, is pretty hard for me to style.

(See a previous attempt here).

Something about the shapelessness, the short length, the pattern and the long sleeves combines into a perform storm of WTF. So basically everything about it is hard to wear.

On the other hand, pretty much everything about this maxi skirt is easy to wear. It has an elastic waistband, it's a neutral color, and it seems to work in all seasons. The two seem to make a natural team, right?

I would argue, however, that in the absence of a blazer, this whole look might be a little too...crunchy for the office.


But that blazer, man, works for The Man.

Ah, is there anything quite like that smug smile-inducing deployment of the black blazer?

in this outfit:
Silence + Noise black blazer (UO via Gabriel Brothers)
See by Chloe dress (thrifted)
Lengthening Rays Maxi Skirt (4 - size down)
BCBG shoes (outlet circa 2010)
Fake YSL artsy oval ring (here)
Anthropologie Punch Card Belt (M)
Kate Spade bow bangle
Kate Spade pen necklace
Amazon Crawford Boyfriend Watch in Rose Gold (here)
Earrings free with an etsy or eBay purchase at some point
Michael Kors harness satchel purse


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