Tuesday, March 6, 2012

OOTD: Dry Clean Only

Do you remember oh, like, a month ago, when I told you that I had a tragic story to share about my favorite pair of cropped pants?

Well, a few weeks before leaving for Omaha, I decided to experiment with machine washing my dry clean only items.  I bought myself some Woolite, tossed in my items on the gentle cycle, and interrupted the machine just as it started spinning.  I wrung my clothes out by wrapping them in a towel and then laid them flat to dry.

While my silk items came out just fine, my poor cropped pants did not fare so well:

Still wearable, yes, but slightly smaller, a bit more uncomfortable, and with a lining that now sticks out past the legs:

I KNOW.  BIGGEST TRAGEDY OF 2012, amiright?  Add to the pile of quasi-casualties my blue colloquium trousers, and perhaps (unconfirmed) my cropped tweed trousers.  Just the slightest shrinkage in these fabrics have made them relatively uncomfortable/unwearable.

Silver lining:  perhaps this will be good motivation to lose these pesky five ten pounds I've been meaning to leave behind.  Why hello, trusty Weight Watchers online tools.  It's been a while, points tracker, but I think you and I know how it's done.

In any case, this outfit is from over a month ago; I'm definitely not wearing this today.  Not only could I probably not fit into these pants at this moment, but also today is for sweatpants, Battlestar Gallactica, and cleaning my poor, neglected apartment.

So tell me, readers:  do you dry clean all of your dry clean only items, or do you have a method for home-cleaning some or all of those items?  As I mentioned, my silk products came out just fine.

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In this Outfit:
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Anthro Split Pea Trousers by Cartonnier (8) (whomp whomp)
Sam & Libby Elliance Pumps (9, TTS) (here for $25 in black or here for $55 in brown)
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Anthro Spotted Satchel by Holding Horses

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