Friday, March 23, 2012

NYC Sale Haul

It's been a while since I had a real haul, as in my days of yore. The trial precluded much thought about anything unrelated to law, but more than that I reached somewhat of a saturation point with my closet. I feel as though I have enough stuff to get me through my world right now, and very little in Anthropologie or any of the other stores I like has felt indispensable to me lately.

However, it must be something about being in NYC the changing seasons having more spare time body fluctuations my personality that sends me back to the stores anyway. Not that that's a bad thing --- while leaving the Rock Center Anthro, I ran into SGJL reader Lois, who I amazingly ran into almost a year ago outside that same Anthro! Lois was the first reader ever to come up to me and introduce herself. It's always such a thrill to meet you all, and it was great to see Lois again and chat about our favorite subject.

So now, here are the purchases.

LOFT and Anthro:
NYC Sale Haul
Most of my money went to LOFT on this trip, thanks in large part to their immediate across-the-street proximity from my office along with the sales they've run over the last few days: 30% off sale, 50% off pants, and 50% off sweaters.

I'm unclear about whether I'll keep the Anthropologie items. Certainly there was some part of me that was incredulous that I was about to leave an Anthro with NOTHING, so perhaps that skewed my purchases. What do you think? On the one hand, I wear blazers several times per week, and I am in definite need of navy tops. On the other hand, that doesn't mean that these pieces are right for me. (In fact, I desperately want this navy top as soon as it hits sale...)

Anthropologie Sans Collar Blazer by Cartonnier, size M, $50. (No longer available, but check for popbacks here)

Anthropologie Tartlet Burst Top by Deletta, size M (up one size for looseness), $30. (here)

In addition to the stuff featured in the polyvore, I also snagged a few deeply discounted exercise clothes:

The fluorescent yellow top is perfect for nighttime exercising/bike commuting, as is the reflective red windbreaker. The shorts are my absolute favorite running shorts design, as they have undergarments built in. Super comfortable and very breathable.

A bunch of these purchases are relatively off-season, in that I'll soon be putting them away because the weather will get too hot. However, the prices for fall and winter clothes are great at this time of year, and I know that many of these warmer basics will come just as handy in Fall/Winter 2012 as they would have this year.

Also, a random blazer from H&M:
I know it looks crazy oversized, but i think it moves nicely.

And plus the only way I'm comfortable diving into the current florals trend for now...

J. Crew iPhone case ($25, not yet online. Similar here)

Sometimes, once I start shopping, I use less discretion for later purchases than earlier ones. That's where you guys come in! I would love your opinions on these items! Your opinion is very much valued.

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