Monday, March 19, 2012

The newest member of the family...

Hey there, folks!  I'm in New York for the next few days taking care of some of my bar admission requirements.  I love spending time in the city; it's wonderful to catch up with my friends, visit my old haunts, and check out new restaurants or attractions.  It's even better when my expenses are covered and I don't have to take the Chinatown bus. 

Regardless, here's what I would have engraved if not for the return policy:

Ah, Rounders.
Thanks to my friend Tony for that quote, even if I didn't use it.
I'd really been kicking myself all week because I failed to advance order my iPad the week before its release and then it swiftly sold out with new orders delayed by up to three weeks.  I'd been debating what to engrave on the back of my iPad to commemorate the fact that I won the money for the device at a poker game.  I ended up foregoing the engraving because I learned that the engraving would make the iPad nonrefundable, and while I was fairly certain I wanted to keep it, I still hate final sale items.  Final sale on a $900 device?  No thank you.
Fortunately, despite the fact that I expected early morning sell-outs and long lines of overnight campers, I was able to find an iPad in an Apple store on Friday with the specs I wanted (64gb, 4g Verizon). I opted for white and I'm totally loving the device.  I think this thing will end up replacing my laptop for almost all purposes except working remotely through Citrix and playing online poker.  I can watch movies, surf the web, word process, read magazines, manage my calendar, etc. I'm traveling with it now and so far it has met all of my needs. 

Flipboard. How I love thee, and thy ability to allow me to read beautiful versions of magazines to which I don't subscribe. 

I've only been using the New iPad for two days so it and I are most definitely in the honeymoon period.  I'm sure that I'll start seeing its flaws as I become more familiar with it.  For now, I'm incredibly annoyed at the number of my iPhone games that I need to repurchase so that they are optimized for iPad use.  It's frustrating to spend money on the exact content I already purchased because it's now "HD".  
However, this is largely balanced by the increased functionality I get from the device.  It hits a sweet spot between my iPhone and my laptop---a sweet spot I didn't even know existed.  It comes at a steep price, but for those who can do with less storage space and with wifi only, the price of the base model is about $500, half the price of the most jacked-up model.  The main features I wanted, the absence of which prevented me from getting an iPad 2, were an improved camera and a retina display.  The new iPad has both and that was pretty much the only thing I needed to hear!

That was all they needed to hear, too. 

Did any of you buy an iPad this weekend?  Do you plan to?  Do you think the craze is ridiculous?  One girl, who was four from the front of the line at an NYC store, received an offer of $1000+ for her spot in line!

It seems to be the general case with new Apple product releases that some kind of crazy flaw becomes known within the first weeks of the product's release. I haven't experienced any crazy problems yet, but I'm not ruling out the possibility!  At least there's a 14-day return policy. 

I feel as though time has completely slipped away from me this week.  I was placed on a very busy case last Friday, and I've spent the week dedicated to keeping all of my balls in the air.  

Given this crazy week, could the new iPad release have come at a better time?  

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