Friday, March 9, 2012

A few things.

Happy Friday, folks!  Just a couple of things to put on your agenda this afternoon:

1.  Today is the last day to enter the Vintage Envy giveaway!

2.  Post-8k brunch is ON.  12:30 pm on Sunday.  Email me (click here) if you'd like to be added to the reservation.

3.  How funny is this list of possible responses to cookie-shilling Girl Scouts?  I also enjoy this oldie-but-goodie arguing that Girl Scout cookies are literally tools of the Devil (is it a coincidence that Girl Scouts sell their wares during Lent?):
Satan knows how hard it can be to give up sweets. Satan knows only too well. Girl Scout cookies are the litmus test for the hell-bound. It was Satan himself who first put Thin Mints in the freezer! It was Satan himself who crafted the Samoa to resemble a doughnut! It was Satan himself who assembled two cookies together with a cream center to become the Do-si-do!
4.  Here's a long-backlogged outfit.

In this Outfit:
Anthropologie Take Two Shirt (S)
J.Crew Royal Paisley Pencil Skirt (6) (and matching iPhone case!)
J.Crew Jackie Cardigan in Navy (M)
Lela Rowe for Payless Travis Colorblock Pumps (9)
Coach Bow Earrings
Geneva Crawford Rose Gold Boyfriend Watch (here)
Ann Taylor LOFT Cares Bow Bracelet
Anthropologie Childhood Secrets Necklace

Have a great weekend!  Anybody have any fun plans?

Edited to add:  I need some iPad3-related help.  If you were to inscribe your new iPad with something commemorating the fact that you won it playing poker, what would be your inscription?

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There's no such thing as pure luck

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