Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Emergency OOTD and 911 Sale Haul

So, don't ask me how this happened, but at 9:15 this morning I found myself running into an Ann Taylor Loft with twenty minutes to dress myself.

(Covered in tags, I walked up to the register fully dressed in my purchases. Apparently, this wasn't even unusual for them).

...Okay, fine, you can ask me how it happened.

Remember yesterday when I told you that I am in New York taking care of some of my bar admission requirements? Well, I somehow got it into my head that those requirements were scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. I lived my life as though this were the truth, even abandoning a temporarily disabled boyfriend (more on that later) to make it to NYC in time for what I thought was a Monday morning interview.

You see where this is going, I'm sure.

I realized at 1:30 am that my interview was actually on TUESDAY, and DURRR, sometimes it amazes me that I'm good at my job when I manage to mess up something as simple as getting myself to physical location on the right date.

At least I got it wrong the right way, in that I undershot rather than overshot my interview. In the long run, spending an extra night in New York is far from a fate worse than death.

However, I did find myself in the difficult position of needing to have an extra outfit on hand for an unexpected full day in the New York office. Fortunately, there is an Ann Taylor Loft across the street from our New York office. Even more fortunately, Loft was running a 30% off sale goods promotion, plus a 50% off sale pants promotion today. But perhaps most fortunately of all is that I'm reasonably skilled at shopping in high-pressure situations.

Perfect, no. Better than what I otherwise would have worn, which was an amalgam of suit half + casual gingham top half, yes. Added bonus: I think I'll wear these pieces again!

In This Outfit:
Dolman Sleeve Shirt, Loft (S) ($27 plus 30% off)
Zebra Belt, Loft (S) ($25 + 30% off)
Marissa Pant, Loft, ($50 + 50% off)
Ring and watch, Thrifted in Omaha (99 cents each!)
Schuler and Sons snake pumps (8.5 via Anthro) (the "scales" are shedding off at the toe! Do not recommend)
J. Crew factory cluster earrings
Kate Spade pen necklace
Michael Kors Harness Satchel

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