Tuesday, February 28, 2012

OOTD: Accenting the Positive

Well hey there, blogosphere.  Look at me getting all fancy and posting more than once a week!  Who is this person we'd left for dead?

This is an outfit from about a month ago, taken in my office gym.  Before leaving for trial, I'd taken to biking the ~4.5 miles into work on Wednesdays to satisfy my cross-training requirements for the day.  One of the downsides of exercising my way to work is that I need to coordinate my outfit in advance so I can pack it in a gym bag or running backpack.  Because I don't have the option to put on something else if my initial effort doesn't work, Wednesdays require an extra-special level of thought.

Perhaps a rational person would stick with basic outfit components in a situation like this.

Not me!

I think it worked out fine, though...?

Yesterday was kind of a rough day at work---I tend to be extremely hard on myself for even the smallest mistakes---so I'm feeling a bit beat today.  I have to keep reminding myself that I'm doing the best that I can, and with each mistake I get stronger and better.  It's not easy to be the most junior person on a talented and experienced team, but I'm still so glad to be here.

Except not literally stronger, since I haven't worked out in a while.  :-\

In this Outfit:
Anthropologie Shirt
J.Crew Jackie Cardigan (M, TTS)
Anthropologie Checked Crops (6, TTS)
Seychelles Password Pumps (9, TTS)
Anthro Earrings
J.Crew Belt
Ann Taylor LOFT Cares bow bracelet
Madewell Foxtrot ring ($15 here)
Amazon Crawford Boyfriend Watch in Rose Gold (here)

Happy Tuesday to you all! 

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