Tuesday, February 28, 2012

OOTD: Accenting the Positive

Well hey there, blogosphere.  Look at me getting all fancy and posting more than once a week!  Who is this person we'd left for dead?

This is an outfit from about a month ago, taken in my office gym.  Before leaving for trial, I'd taken to biking the ~4.5 miles into work on Wednesdays to satisfy my cross-training requirements for the day.  One of the downsides of exercising my way to work is that I need to coordinate my outfit in advance so I can pack it in a gym bag or running backpack.  Because I don't have the option to put on something else if my initial effort doesn't work, Wednesdays require an extra-special level of thought.

Perhaps a rational person would stick with basic outfit components in a situation like this.

Not me!

I think it worked out fine, though...?

Yesterday was kind of a rough day at work---I tend to be extremely hard on myself for even the smallest mistakes---so I'm feeling a bit beat today.  I have to keep reminding myself that I'm doing the best that I can, and with each mistake I get stronger and better.  It's not easy to be the most junior person on a talented and experienced team, but I'm still so glad to be here.

Except not literally stronger, since I haven't worked out in a while.  :-\

In this Outfit:
Anthropologie Shirt
J.Crew Jackie Cardigan (M, TTS)
Anthropologie Checked Crops (6, TTS)
Seychelles Password Pumps (9, TTS)
Anthro Earrings
J.Crew Belt
Ann Taylor LOFT Cares bow bracelet
Madewell Foxtrot ring ($15 here)
Amazon Crawford Boyfriend Watch in Rose Gold (here)

Happy Tuesday to you all! 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Runday: How's it Going?

Welcome to Sunday Runday! This is a weekly series of posts relating to running and race training, all leading up to our group race day (see here).

We are two short weekends away from our St. Patrick's Day 8k!  Who's excited?  My schedule is simmering down a bit, but I've missed several weeks of training due to trial and I suspect I may have to resign myself to walking for a portion of this upcoming 8k.  But hey, it'll be better than nothing.

Tell me how you're doing!  Also, perhaps it's time to start thinking about post-race brunch?  If you'll be in town and are interested in meeting up for a bite after the run, please let me know, either in the comments or via email.

I had the thought this morning that I've been a pretty sorry e-friend for the last few weeks; I've been reading your comments and you've made me feel warm and fuzzy and have given me all sorts of motivation to sleep and be healthy, but I haven't been giving very much back to you in terms of comments or interesting content.  I apologize, and I appreciate your patience.  Do you ever feel as though you have a finite amount of creative energy?  I feel like I'm putting so much creativity into my job right now that I have a hard time even mustering up the energy to respond to simple personal emails.

If I sound like I'm complaining, I don't mean to sound that way at all.  I would work on six trials a year if I could; this whole experience has been absolutely amazing.  I've learned so much about what it takes to pull together a trial and I feel as though I'm a hugely better lawyer today than I was even a week ago.  It's a satisfying feeling to spend your life building up to the career of your choice only to realize that it truly is what you want to do with your life after all.  I hope this feeling sticks.

Speaking of my life, it's my birthday today!  I'm celebrating by...putting in a full day at the office.  But hey, I get to sit in on court proceedings tomorrow, so it'll all be worth it.  (I did get some spare time last night to check out the local casino; ringing in my 28th year playing poker is just fine by me!  Amazingly, one of the other guys at the table celebrated his birthday yesterday, and a third person will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow!  What are the chances?)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Runday: Open Forum

Welcome to Sunday Runday! This is a weekly series of posts relating to running and race training, all leading up to our group race day (see here).

I was hoping I'd have time this week to do something crazy, like writing some real content for Sunday Runday (or even responding to your fabulous comments from, oh, like, a week and a half ago).  Unfortunately, this week is shaping up to be even more busy than the last, so I'll just open the blog up for comments re: your training progress this week.  Bear with me and my work schedule!  Trial (probably) can't last forever.

Frankly, I could really use some motivation from those of you early risers.  I am finding it extremely difficult to wake up early and squeeze in my training; in my non-trial life, I usually wake up at 8:30am to go to work, but on trial I'm generally waking up at 6:30am at the latest at 5am at the earliest.  I'm heading to bed around 1am, and sometimes as late as 3am, as a result of work.  How the heck am I supposed to get out of bed to exercise when I know I can squeeze an extra hour of sleep into my morning?

Please, tell me the strategies you super-humans use in the moment that alarm first goes off in the morning.  Once I hit snooze, it's all over.  Alternatively, your best strategies for functioning on three hours of sleep for five days in a row would also be appreciated.  (I'm afraid 5 Hour Energy will make me infertile but can't support this with any real evidence.)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

OOTD: Work Horse

Holy crap, you guys.

TRIAL.  I'm working 15- to 18-hour days over here and I barely have time to brush my teeth each night.  It's an amazing experience, and at the same time my circadian rhythm is so thrown off from these long workdays and short nights that I'm convinced today is Friday.  I can only imagine how much further ahead I'll feel by next week.  I'll probably be whipping out my swimsuit for what I will swear will be July weather outside.

Still, I love this line of work.  Even when it physically wrecks me in several different manners of speaking, I love it.  (I never said it was a healthy relationship.)

Anyway, this skirt is really comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.  (Also, it doesn't wrinkle.)  Let's pretend I don't have to shove it full of pillows overnight to stretch it out a bit so it's not too scandalously bum-hugging for the office (which may have been true even pre-weight gain).  Just pretend with me, friends.

Shirt -- Urban Outfitters
Skirt -- Marston Sweater Skirt (Anthro)
Blazer -- Ann Taylor
Shoes -- Anthro (Schuler and Sons)
Necklace -- Kate Spade
Watch -- Amazon Crawford Boyfriend Watch
Earrings -- Anthro

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Runday: Share your Progress!

Welcome to Sunday Runday! This is a weekly series of posts relating to running and race training, all leading up to our group race day (see here).

This week's post: Share your progress!

We've got a month to go until race day, and I want to know:  how are you coming along with your training? 

As for me:  I was sidelined this week with a back injury, but I feel much better today and expect to be back to my training regimen tomorrow.  Finding the strength to wake up at 5:30 to get my workout in...now that's more of a question mark.

I know at least one reader had an awesome victory last week; let's hear a big congrats for MissJR, who only started running a couple of months ago, and just completed her first race:  4 miles in 38:33!  Awesome!

Share your victories and struggles in the comments.  I can only speak for myself, but I know I find them highly inspiring to read before the start of the week.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

OOTD: Twelve

I'm in Omaha, Nebraska!

Things have been utterly hectic on my end this week, and I expect the insanity to continue as work piles on.  I'm here on a case, and luckily there seems to be no shortage of work to do.  Forgive me if my posts are irregular and I am slow (read: I take a week) to respond to comments.  I always do this thing where I excitedly see a comment notification show up in my inbox, then I realize if I respond within the first two seconds of the comment being posted I'll look like a loser, and then all of a sudden it's a week later and what happened exactly?

I love traveling for work.  It's so much fun to stay in a hotel and not have to worry about any of my personal needs, like laundry and cleaning.  Attire in the workspace is super casual, although of course once court is in session we'll need to have nicer clothes at the ready in case we want to observe.

On top of the complete sartorial freedom, all of our meals are provided for us at the trial site, which is great in the sense that it's one less thing to worry about, but terrible in the sense that there is SO MUCH FOOD and I can barely zip up these jeans as it is!

Our snack room has, no exaggeration, 150 different varieties of snack food.  Statistically, most foods you have trouble resisting will be here.  A few notable items:  haribo gummy bears, peanut butter-filled pretzels, nutella, honey wheat pretzels, oreos, dried/candied fruit, cheetos, ice cream...the list goes on.  And on.  There are lots of healthy options too, so I'm trying not to resign myself to an EXTRA extra five pounds yet, since I'm already carrying my extra five and feel very uncomfortable in my clothes.

True story:  on the flight over, the flight attendants complimented me profusely on my ensemble (midwestern niceness!), and I felt like a total sham because my pants were totally all-the-way unzipped because my happy gut wouldn't be contained.

Heading to Omaha

It was something like this, except with a non-$550 blue top.  And with the pants unzipped.

Also, it was twelve degrees yesterday.  (Yes, I wore socks when I walked outside in the above outfit.)  Also also, there are only two treadmills in our fitness center.

Yeah.  I'm concerned that I'll be relying entirely on elastic waistbands by the end of this trip.

But hey, that's litigation life for ya.  Regardless of my ever-increasing midsection, I'm thrilled to be here, even if I am the lowest person on the totem pole.  This is what I want to be doing with my life!  (Litigating cases, not eating unlimited gummy bears.)

Are any of you familiar with Omaha?  Any advice re: stuff to see and do?  The zoo, the casinos, and of course the Anthropologie are already on my list!

In this Outfit:
Anthropologie Lining-the-Field Scoopneck (S)
Anthropologie Shadowsleeve Cardigan (M)
AG Farrah Skinnies (29)
Pilcro Trinket Bow Flats (9)
Michael Kors Watch (here) (An unexpected (and early) birthday gift!!  Although I loved my cheap Amazon watch, this new guy is pretty awesome.  It's maybe the perfect gift, since I probably would not have bought it myself because my cheap one was doing the job.  The chronograph features are so cool!) (Perhaps now it's time to get another cheap $20 watch in regular gold?  I think then I'll have the color bases covered.)
J.Crew Factory Cluster Earrings
Anthropologie Necklace

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

OOTD: Feeling Crappy

I woke up on Sunday with a niggling back pain, which slowly blossomed over the course of the day into a full-on crippling back pain.  This made for some entertaining sideways glances cast to my boyfriend at various Superbowl parties as I waddled around and seemed to struggle with the simple task of sitting squarely on my rump.

Unfortunately, Ibuprofen did nothing for me yesterday and I had to leave work after half an hour for wont of ability to sit in my desk chair.  I'm still in pain today, although it seems to be subsiding a bit.  I will be traveling to the midwest for work on Thursday, so I'm crossing my fingers and toes that I am back to 100% by then.

In the meantime, here's the outfit I wore the last time I was feeling this crappy about a month or two ago.  There must be some universal impulse that leads us all to reach for comfy, stretchy, pajama-like fabrics when we feel under the weather.

Add to that the general crappy feeling the fact that my weight has swung up significantly in the last few weeks (certainly partly due to the fact that I'm building muscle tissue with my running, but also due to the fact that I'm eating a lot) and it's a formula for sticking with stretchy things.  I'm sure I'll start caring about these five pounds very soon, but right now I'm in that mental place where I'm concerned, but not so concerned that I want to stop eating frites.

If you know what I mean.

In this Outfit:
Tracy Reese Counting Angles Dress (S)
Schuler & Sons Licorice Lace-Up Boots
Anthropologie Shadowsleeve Cardigan (M)
Ann Taylor Belt (M)
Heart Necklace from Brazil (gifted)
J.Crew Sweater Tights

Thursday, February 2, 2012

OOTD: Out of Place

The ladies in my office:  fashionable.  Fashionable ladies.  As my "business casual" attire continues to evolve, I often find myself pulling inspiration from my female coworkers and their various interpretations of business casual attire.  It's a lucky thing---not only are these folks great to work with and helpful about professional topics, but they are also helping me mix up my style a bit.

The only significant downside to having such stylish coworkers is that when one of my outfits misses the mark, the misstep feels exponentially amplified.  (See, e.g., here.)

Take this outfit, for example.

I felt like going a bit more casual on this particular day, so I opted for a light gingham shirt and a formless cardigan.  I even passed on the heels and donned flats (glitter flats, but flats nonetheless).  Sure, it wasn't the crispest potato chip in the bag, but it seemed fine from most angles.

So of course that day was the day I had lunch with the girl who rocks navy like she came out of the womb in a perfectly-fitted blue dress, and the girl who actually used to be a no-joke real-live fashion model.

On days like that, I might as well be a character from The Walking Dead.

Hey, at least I try.

In this Outfit:
Anthro Cissus Buttondown (S, TTS)
H&M Cardigan
Anthro Colloquium Trousers (6, TTS) (PS:  The same sad fate as befell my Split Pea Trousers also befell these pants.  More on that next week.)
Payless Chelsea Glitter Flat (9, TTS) (here)
Anthro Earrings (name?)
Necklace from Florence, Italy
Zodiac Atmosphere Watch (gift)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Two (of the same) Ways: Split Pea Trousers

I have a very sad story to tell you about these pants.

But I'll save that story for another day.  First, why not remember them in happier times?

I wore both of these looks to work in the last month:

It's interesting how different these two outfits look despite the fact that they're almost identical:  same pants; same colors (black on top, neutral silver-ish shoes).  I suppose they both look polished enough for business casual, but I'll never ceased to be amazed by the miracles a simple black blazer can perform when added to nearly any outfit.  The second look seems much more slimming and crisp by virtue of that addition.

Perhaps I'm partial to the second outfit because it features two of the items in my closet I consider to be magical:  my lace Ann Taylor shirt and my UO (via Gabriel Brothers) black blazer.  Whenver I'm struggling with what to wear, I know I can trust these pieces to work with whatever random clothing item is giving me trouble on a given day.  Of course, the chambray shirt in the first shot is a bit magical, too.  (See, e.g., here for uses of chambray button-downs.)

What are your "magical" items?
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