Thursday, January 26, 2012

Two Ways (Squared): Wily Sweater and Bovary Dress

Okay, you guys are completely hilarious.  Your responses to yesterday's poll (also here) had me laughing all day.  Unfortunately, it was the kind of laughter I couldn't really share with anybody else, because it's hard to start conversations with, "This funny thing happened on my blog today."  Believe me, I've tried.  Those conversations fail with a special type of awkwardness.

I do love that ridiculous bunny hat, but I'm willing to admit that I may be wearing my craycray glasses given the overwhelming crush of popular opinion:

I'll put the $45 towards something a bit more---let's just say---wearable on an every day basis.  If you were one of the 16 people who liked it, though, keep checking back at ASOS for my hat to pop back into stock!  ::evil grin::

Speaking of wearable on a daily basis, allow me to continue clearing out some of my backlog of outfit photos (pre-New Year's resolution) with somewhat of a "Two Ways" squared:  a crossover between the Wily Sweater and the Bovary Dress.

Let's meet the characters, shall we?

First, the Wily Sweater.  I included this piece in my last round of "Use it or Lose it" items.  As I'm sure you can imagine from the fact that there are two very different and relatively strong patterns on this sweater, it's a bit hard to work into an outfit.  Cute with self-contained layers, but not a magical goes-with-anything piece by any means.  I didn't use the sweater within the time frame, but I did wear it shortly afterwards on a weekend:

(Anthro Wily Sweater (M); Pure + Good Tee (S); AG Stevie Cords (28); J.Crew Factory Tortoise Pumps (9.5 -- up .5 size; flea market necklace)

Next, allow me to re-introduce the Bovary Dress.  You two have already met.

(An Anthro explosion: Anthropologie Bovary Dress (4 -- sized down one size); Anthropologie Wreathen Blouse (S); Anthropologie Shadowsleeve Cardigan (M); Anthropologie Gift Bow Belt (L); Anthropologie Bowtied Lacerta Mary Janes (8.5 -- down .5 size); Kate Spade "It Takes All Sorts" Necklace; J.Crew bracelet, Amazon Crawford Boyfriend Watch in Rose Gold (here))

I love the length and feel of the Bovary dress.  The delicate pattern is so pretty, and the elastic all over the place makes it supremely comfortable for a day of sitting at my desk.  (The straps are a little pull-y, but it's not terribly distracting.)  The draping of the bodice is flattering over the torso and stomach, even for those of us unfortunate enough to sport baby bumps when definitively not with child.

However, with the low-cut sweetheart neckline, the only way it's work-appropriate is with some significant layering.  So what better match-up, I ask you, than a dress in need of layers and a cardigan bringing two of its own to the table?

(Wily Sweater, Bovary Dress, Anthropologie Airy Weave Pullover (S); Seychelles Hamburg Pumps (9, TTS) (here, or here in pewter for only $20!!); Lela Rowe Necklace ($5 in NYC sample sale); earrings via Filene's Basement circa 2007)

To make the transition from work (boobs = detrimental distraction) to poker (boobs = helpful distraction), I took off the pullover.


See?  Backlogs can be fun!

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