Friday, January 6, 2012

The Reason I've Gotten Nothing Done So Far Today:

Settlers of Catan iPhone app.

It's not a fair fight!  I just discovered this game on Monday and I'm SO addicted already.  For those who haven't played before, this game is like a combination of Risk, Monopoly, Magic Cards, and Craps.  Incredibly fun, challenging, and the game board changes every time so you always have a new and different scenario in front of you.

I ordered the game (and extension) on Amazon and we played it in the office at lunch yesterday.  Then I discovered an online version of the game last night, and THEN this iPhone app?  I CAN HAZ MOAR SETTLERZ?

Image from JeremyOms.Com

I realize I'm a few years behind in discovering this game.  Have you ever played Settlers before?  If so, what's your strategy?  I've played 13 or 14 games so far and only won one of them!  My stats are embarrassing, but I still can't control my love.

There goes my weekend!

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