Friday, January 13, 2012

Quickie WTF of the Day

Alright, I'm drowning in work this week, but I could not let this Friday escape without a little something something.

Last week, I learned about the blog The Delightful Dozen via GOMI.  Unsurprisingly, GOMI doesn't like it, but I kinda do---perhaps not necessarily for the words, which I skim, but more for the pictures/clothes swapping/shopping suggestions.

One of their recurring features is called "12 Delightful Things," in which each participating blogger highlights a product or image of some kind.  A lot of the items are interesting and affordable.  (Don't even get me started on the fact that I missed out on this hat.  I'm still feverish with frustration.) (Although, while looking for this link to share with you guys, it showed up as "low in stock" and I was able to order it, so maybe the order will go through?  It's back out of stock now, so fingers crossed) (similar, but bear, here.)

In last Friday's 12 Things post, some blogger named Fancy Treehouse linked to this adorable little fox ring from Madewell:
I mean, how cute is that little guy??  And at $15, I couldn't resist.  Fortunately, Madewell was running a "free shipping on ANY ORDER" promotion last week, so I was able to grab this ring and nothing more, paying only ninety cents extra for tax.

So, imagine my surprise when my box from Madewell arrived on my desk this week looking like this:

WHAT?  The ring itself is the little teeny thing on the top of this massive amount of packaging.  The ring was wrapped in bubble paper, snuggled in foam, placed in the little box (which would have been PERFECTLY FINE to ship by itself), and then placed in a HUGELY OVERSIZED OUTER BOX.

I repeat:  WHAT?!  I'm glad I wasn't charged for shipping, because this thing got at least 10x more cardboard than it needed.  Does this strike anyone else as outrageously wasteful or am I just being a little ragey today?*

* [Edit:  In a "great minds think alike" situation, check out Amy K's post from earlier today about this same situation!]

On the other hand, I completely 100% love this ring, so Madewell, I guess we're cool for now.

Anyone doing anything fun this weekend?  I'm having a "holiday withdrawal holiday party" at my apartment---which is largely an excuse to make eggnog fudge and cake balls and drink mulled wine with my friends!

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