Tuesday, January 17, 2012

OOTD: Nothing Comes Easily

Meehhhhh, I dunno about this one.

It feels like I have wanted this skirt for ages.  I was intrigued when I first saw it appear in stores, and even more sold when I spotted this fabulous outfit on display at the West Palm Beach Anthropologie on Black Friday:

Turns out, it's pretty tough to style.  Witness my first attempt:

Not terrible, sure, but something is off, no?  I mean, I know I've collected a nice little gut over the holidays, but is it really necessary to rub it in my face like this?  Really, skirt?  REALLY?

Perhaps I should have been tipped off by the mediocre reviews about clingy fit.  Or perhaps I should have been tipped off when an Anthro sales associate who was wearing this skirt said, in response to my gushing about it, "Oh, thanks.  It's, uh, really hard to style."

I tried to counteract the smushiness of the skirt with a structured blazer, and I untucked my undershirt a bit more to draw attention from the pooch.

I dunno, man.  Kendi wore this skirt on the same day as I made my second attempt, and she made it look so easy.  WHY NOT ME?!
In this outfit:
Anthro Tile-Quilted Mini by Charlie and Robin (4) (here in Kendi's orange)
Eze Sur Mer Top by Deletta (L) (similar at J.Crew, similar in teal)
Payless Travis Colorblock Pump by Lela Rose (on sale here for $33! (originally $55) (seriously, these shoes go with EVERYTHING))
Anthropologie Cockle Shells Tights (M/L) (circa 2010 -- don't recommend; they tear easily) (kinda similar color for $14 here)
Anthropologie Triphasic Earrings
Kate Spade Hang in There Glasses Pendant (potential dupe on Etsy here, but hard to tell the size) (see also here for other suggestions)
YSL Arty Oval Ring Dupe (here for $23) (real thing here and here)
Geneva Chronograph Tortoise Watch (similar for $23 shipped)

PS:  I know I'm being a bit slow in responding to comments, so thank you for your patience.  Work will be extremely hectic for the next two months, but I'm doing my best!

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