Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OOTD: Chance Inspiration

Do you ever find yourself neglecting an item of clothing for no good reason?

Such was the case with this dress.  I like it---it's comfortable, it's flattering.  I can't give you one good reason why this dress has gone mostly unworn since last year.

Last week, I was taking a short morning walk before heading to work when I passed a girl wearing rainboots with a black, red, and white plaid pattern.  Immediately I thought of this dress and decided it was time to end its long haitus at the back of my closet with the other black dresses.  (The evils of color-coding!)

Oh, dear Perthshire, I promise not to let another year pass before you caress my body yet again.  Sure, you bear a slight resemblance to a schoolgirl outfit, but just because I'm insecure about capitalizing on a disturbing sexual fetish is no reason to let you wither in my closet unworn.

Maybe it was my effort to avoid looking like a child that caused me to reach for my new red lipstick.  This prompted a few, "Is that a new color for you?"s from colleagues and boyfriends, but I still liked the effect.  As Victoria noticed yesterday, I've been making a bit more of an effort with the appearance of my head as a whole, inspired largely by the amazing Naked Palette, several blogs in my google reader in which the ladies regularly rock incredible lipstick (see here for just one example), and a random, general comment from someone on the internet about the unprofessionalism of unstyled hair.  (Not at all directed at me in any way, but it was one of those things that made me reflect on my own professional appearance.)  Also, I maybe have the best blowdryer ever for a lazy person.  (This one.  The brush attachment is a small miracle.)

I needed LOTS of help from the makeup experts at Sephora re: picking out and applying red lipstick, but I like the shade they chose!  (Make Up Forever's Rouge Artist Intense #41, here.)

Things are changing around here, I tell ya.
In this Outfit:
Anthropologie Perthshire Dress (4) (similar-ish for $35)
Anthropologie Drawing Parallels Top (XS) (similar in gray for $40, for less than $20, here too, less budget-friendly by CLC here)
Ann Taylor Blazer (6) (similar)
J.Crew Ribbed Tights (here)
Dexter Pumps via Payless ($17 here)
J.Crew Factory Cluster Earrings (here for $14.50, plus an extra 30% off!)
Sterling Filigree ring won in giveaway from Closet At Capacity
Zodiac atmosphere watch via eBay (gifted) (quasi-similar)
Anthropologie Banded Together Belt (similar here and here for $40, or here for $5)

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