Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year's OOTD

Happy New Year!

How did you ring in 2012?  BF and I were circling around the U-Street neighborhood trying to find a parking space :-D  Lots of celebratory car horn-honking marked the occasion.

I'm not an especially big fan of New Year's Resolutions---I'm a member of the school that you can resolve to do anything at any time of year---but this year I have actually made a few commitments to myself for 2012:

  • Do not go more than 7 days without exercising.  It's so easy for me to slip into weeks of inactivity.  If I simply commit not to allow more than a week to go by without getting some purposeful exercise, perhaps I can better address this.  Of course, I'd prefer to exercise three+ times a week, but I'm starting small.  (PS:  I've got a new fitness challenge for you, if you have also resolved to exercise more!  Look for it later this week.)
  • Maintain a spreadsheet tracking gambling winnings and losses.  I play mostly poker, but I'd like to know exactly how much I win in cash games v. tournaments, how much I spent in my periodic trips to the slots or table games, and perhaps even how much I spend on hotels/food/shopping in casino towns.
  • Set a fixed shopping budget.  My shopping budget has mainly been dictated by a loose sense of how much money I have in my checking account after paying rent, loans, etc.  This year, I'll set a fixed monthly budget and see how that works out.
  • Begin a "Clerkship" savings account.  I'm playing around with the idea of clerking for a judge in 2013.  I don't know if I would be able to get a position, but if I did I'd be taking a 2/3 pay cut.  I'd like to start putting money away now so that I have a fund available to use for fun things like shopping and travel.  If I end up not taking a position, then I can dump most of the savings into a student loan payment or my retirement fund.
  • Double my retirement fund contribution.  I'm contributing to my 401(k) pre-taxes and pre-paycheck, so I don't even notice the money is gone.  I think I can comfortably double my contribution starting in February or March.  Compounding interest is my friend.
  • Take more blog pictures outside.  Really, I think I can spare 10 minutes most mornings to set up my tripod and take some shots outside.  The pictures do look a lot better.  Also, it's embarrassing when someone walks into the bathroom while I'm bent over taking a photo of my shoes.  :-\  (you knew it was bound to happen eventually)
  • Blog Makeover!  My layout could use a facelift.  While the header with various topic links displays fine on my mac, it looks messy from my work computer.  I'd like to make my layout neater.
  • Increase variety of blog content.  I do lots of things besides getting dressed; I'd like to aim for at least one non-clothes/shopping post each week.  Ideally I'll do two, but since these posts take longer to execute, I'll have to see how things pan out.  I've got lots of unfinished/unstarted DIY projects around the house that I'd like to dive into.
  • Generally continue along the path of self-awareness and self-betterment.
Speaking of habits probably unrelated to self-betterment (i.e., taking photos of myself and posting them on the internet), this is the outfit I wore on NYE (low-key potluck for a friend's birthday, then hanging out in a bar, then grinding in a sweaty basement to a bad DJ---purse and cardigan left in the car for that one):

I'm a little bit in love with this wrap dress.  It's been on my online wishlist, but I was unwilling to take the plunge at $90.  I found one lonely dress at the Penn Quarter Anthro the other week at 50% off the sale price, so I pounced.  Outrageously, the dress is a size TWO (I'm normally a size 6 at Anthro...often an 8 in non-Anthro brands, and in no rational universe am I a size two).  I saw from the online reviews that it runs big, but geez, they were not joking.

Anyway, it's amazingly comfortable and flattering, and even when it flutters open it manages to keep me mostly unexposed.  The only downside is that the v-neck does tend to flap open a bit, so a tanktop or dark bra is required.  Now that I have it, I think I was being a bit silly in not buying it for $90.  It's a great dress.

Do you have any resolutions this year?  Let's hear 'em!
In this Outfit:
Maeve Winter's Tree Shirtdress (2 -- runs absurdly small, as I should be a size 6/8)
Sparrow Tied Trial Cardigan (M)
Lucky Brand Andria Boots (8.5 -- down .5 size)
Gold Hoops (gifted, Bat Mitzvah)
Dog charm necklace with purple bead from Anthro (name?)
Crawford Boyfriend Watch in Rose Gold ($20 via Amazon)
Michael Kors Harness Satchel (yes, I totally keep pens and highlighters in my designer bags) (I chased down a purse-snatcher to retrieve this bag) (PS:  I think I'm returning the glitter clutch)
Sweater Clip via Etsy (Vintage Envy)

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