Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's Sunday Runday! Let's Talk Scheduling.

Welcome to Sunday Runday! This is a weekly series of posts relating to running and race training, all leading up to our group race day (see here).

This week's post:  Finding the Time for Training

There's no grand design or insight for today's Sunday Runday; I'd like to hear more about how you're finding the time to fit running into your daily life.

If you're following Hal Higdon's 8k plan or something similar, then you're probably working out nearly every day.  So tell me:
  • Do you work out at the same time every day, or do you mix up your workout time depending on your schedule?
  • How do you plan your day around your workout, if you do at all?
  • Are you a morning person or an evening person?
I've been a bit all over the place in my training times---some days, I run in the mornings before work, sometimes I find time to take a short break after lunch, and other times I find myself running before dinner or even well afterwards.  I love getting my workout out of the way in the morning, but it's just SO HARD to wake up sometimes!  Given the choice between working out and sleeping in for another twenty minutes....well, it's not hard.

One thing that's been working pretty well for me is to integrate my longer cross-training sessions into an errand.  On cross-training days I have been riding my bike to work, which is about a 30 minute ride.  There are showers at the office, so I just need to bring in my clothes and makeup.  I have a feeling my outfits on these days will be all over the place, depending on whether I had time to properly try things on!  Still, I like the idea of killing two birds with one stone; it makes me feel like I'm being healthy AND EXTRA-productive.

I've gotta say, I am really enjoying the 8k distance.  An 8k is long enough for me at my current level of fitness that I can't just "wing it," but it's also short enough that my training runs aren't too intimidating.  Last week, it got to be 11:30pm one day and I still hadn't done my two miler...but knowing that it would only take me about twenty minutes encouraged me to just go and knock the darn thing out.

I suspect my laissez faire attitude towards scheduling will have to change soon, as my schedule is about to change dramatically.  More on that in a few weeks.

In the meantime---dish!  Tell us how you're making it work.

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