Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's funny to think that a few days ago, we were chatting about the quality difference between fast fashion (e.g., Forever 21) and the relatively higher quality of box stores the next step up (J.Crew, Anthropologie).  It seems as though most of us gravitate towards higher quality merchandise, even though it may be a bit more expensive.  It's hard to justify the cost of even a <$30 piece if it's just going to fall apart in the wash or rip on its first wear.

With that said:  Blast you, Kate Spade!

These ooh-la-la tights from Kate Spade (called the Scalloped Tights) were high on my wishlist since November, and I was thrilled when they went on sale in time for my office holiday party in December (I ended up not wearing them due to a slippery shoe issue).  I finally busted them out last week, and what else would happen on their first wear except that a huge hole developed at the toe and caused a run all the way up to my ankle?

But of course.  So, say hello and goodbye to these lovely but too-delicate tights.  I barely knew ye.

All of this sort of ties into one of my New Year's resolutions for this year, which included sticking to a fixed shopping budget, among other financial resolutions.  After paying my student loans this morning and seeing the sad amount that will be left in my bank account after paying the remainder of my bills, I'm going to have to be more resolute with that resolution in the future.  There are a few big purchases I'd like to make in the next few months (iPod nano, large food processor, iPad 3), so I will need to start putting money away for those things now.

Anybody have good strategies for sticking to a shopping budget?  Right now, I'm thinking of developing a short list of items that would actually fill a hole in my wardrobe, and using that list as a guide to filter out opportunistic buying (e.g., "Oh, $20 for a crisp pair of wool pants!  These will go great with my five other pairs of wool pants!")
In this Outfit:
Blouse via T.J. Maxx
Anthropologie Scalloped Pencil Skirt (8, but one size too big.  Stick with your normal size) (similarless similar but $23?)
Kate Spade Scalloped Tights
Payless Travis Colorblock Pumps (9, TTS) (here)
Anthropologie Pacific Shimmer Earrings
Anthropologie Beaded Wink Belt (L)
Anthropologie Zodiac Necklace (Pisces) (different but reasonably-priced)
Kate Spade Enamel Bow Bracelet (gifted) (similar by Kate Spade) (same size, no bow by Kate Spade) (similar, but bamboo-looking for $7.50 for 3) (similar with bow for $17) (similar without bow for $20)
Ann Taylor Loft Bracelet by Jessica Quirk
Madewell Foxtrot Ring ($15 here)
Geneva Crawford Boyfriend Watch in Rose Gold ($21 here) (This is still holding up well since its purchase in November.  There is some discoloration of the metal on the inside of the clasp when you open the buckle, but it's not visible in daily use.)
Zoya Megan Nailpolish (via Birchbox!)

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