Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday (quasi) Funday: The Things I Can Control...But Don't

This week, I got an unexpected email from man-friend with whom I'd mostly lost touch.  He asked me what was new in my life, and I gave him a quick update (law firm, same BF as the last time he and I spoke).  I expected him to return with a similarly brief run-down of his own life, but instead he surprised me with this humdinger:

I wrote because there is someone using your picture on a fake Jdate profile. Yes I'm on Jdate. No comments. Ha

I wanted to forward you the link because that's not right, yo.


He sent me a link, and yep, this is definitively NOT my old Jdate profile from 2006 that I probably never deleted (no comments.  ha):

The picture was probably pulled from this post.  I mean, I'm at least flattered that this fraudster used a relatively decent picture of me and described me as "intelligent" in the "About Me" section.  (Thanks!)  Also, I appreciate this person shaving almost 5 years off my age.  (Much obliged!)

Edit: As soon as I found out about the profile, I called JDate and they immediately removed it.

I suppose it's good to have reminders periodically that the stuff I put on my blog stays out in the internet ether, and I can't control what people do with it once they find it.  Certainly, one can never be too safe.  (See, e.g., here.)  Of course, there may come a point when I'm no longer willing to take those risks, or when my job precludes me from continuing with this fun hobby.  For now, though, I'd like to keep on chugging.

So, while I'd like to curse the fact that I can't control the behavior of others, it's not like I've done a bang-up job of controlling my own behavior, either.

A Non-Exhaustive List of the Things I Could Control, But Do Not:

  • My excited facial expression every time someone with a mail cart walks by my office ("ONLINE PURCHASE DELIVERY???")
  • The fact that my alarm clock is consistently set for an hour later than it should be (or, alternatively, the number of times I hit the snooze alarm).
  • My coworkers' visibility access to my Facebook page.
  • The number of times per day I check:  google reader; email; online storefronts.
  • My open animosity towards a few people in our weekly poker game.
  • The fact that I do not own: solid navy pumps; a sturdy black raincoat; a navy blue blazer, et al.
  • My love of Asian Pear crisps (actually, this may not be within my control).
  • The obscene number of blogs in my google reader (and still growing).
  • The pile of clothes on my "list on eBay" shelf.  (See also, the pile of returns still to be made in my office).


Actually, I'm not sure if I feel better or worse!

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