Friday, July 29, 2011

Use it or Lose it OOTD: Great Minds Think Alike

A few weeks back, I met up with my friend Sara for a drink and to deliver a blog sale item.  I decided to wear this J.Crew skirt, which didn't quite make the cut for "Use it or Lose it," but which still had not seen much wear since it's purchase.  I'm not particularly comfortable in mini skirts anymore, and to top it off this skirt is a size too big.  I just love the chartreuse stripes and I'm not ready to say goodbye just yet.

I struggled with this outfit quite a bit.  For some reason, this skirt does not seem to play well with other pieces in my closet.  I was happy to see Lisa wear this same skirt (here), since I could use the styling inspiration.  I love the way Lisa accented the skirt with red accessories.  I went the neutral route, as you can tell.  Still, we both chose a white top + chartreuse color scheme.

Not only did Lisa and I inadvertantly (and unknowingly) mirror each other's looks, but also what should I see on the metro on my way to meet Sara other than another woman rocking the same white + chartreuse combo?  I couldn't resist being a Creeperson and asking this random (but stylish) stranger for a photo op:

Great minds do think alike!  (Of course, while I know Lisa is a great mind, I have no idea who this woman is or what she does.  But her hair was immaculately styled in the middle of July---at the END OF THE DAY---which indicates to me that she's got her life together in a way most of us cannot comprehend.)
In this Outfit:
J.Crew Embroidered Top
J.Crew Horizon Stripe Mini Skirt
J.Crew Collins Platform Pumps ($100 here or $80 here in suede)
Bracelet from 10,000 Villages (circa 2005) (gifted)
Anthropologie Triphasic Earrings
BCBG Birdcage Necklace (similar here for $20)
Coach Purse

Thursday, July 28, 2011

OOTD: I bet you're not getting a cookie.

The bar exam is over!!

All of my celebrating last night precluded any new OOTD photos, but I present one for you from two weekends ago.  You may actually remember my teasing this outfit in my Sale Haul post last week.  In explaining my purchase of the Take Two shirt, which looks somewhat shapeless at first glance, I said:

"You may not be sold on it yet, but you will see an OOTD with it soon (with different bottoms) and if you are not won over I will buy you a cookie next time I see you. You will either eat your words or you will eat a cookie. It's a win-win."

Well, not to be an Arrogant Annie, but I'm gonna go ahead and guess that I will not need to buy too many cookies.

You want to be contrarian?  Be my guest.  Plenty of cookies to go around!  I still loved the way this turned out.

In this Outfit:
Anthropologie Take Two Shirt (S) (check here for popbacks - runs big.  You could size down.)
Anthropologie Breezy Paperbag Shorts (6)
J.Crew Painted Denim Belt (M)
Target Xhileration Flats (circa 2007) (9)
Anthropologie Triphasic Earrings (here) (thanks to Molly for the recommendation!)
Anthropologie Party Animal Necklace
Anthropologie Change Your Spots Clutch
Kate Spade Crystal Confection Ring (gifted)
Fossil Watch

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NY Bar Exam: The Carrot or the Stick

Today is the last day of the New York Bar Exam.  As you read this, I am sitting in a testing room staring down 200 multiple choice questions.

THANK YOU for your amazing show of support yesterday and on Monday.  I haven't responded to you all individually (I've been a little, erm, preoccupied) but please know that I read every single comment and they meant so much to me.  I was in a good mental place yesterday, despite the fact that the VERY FIRST question I looked at on the exam asked about a topic I'd completely skimmed over about 10 times in my notes---each time essentially ignoring everything but the subject line because it didn't appear in any of my other review materials.  I knew enough to know that I SHOULD know about the subject, but that's about it.  But hey, it was only two questions (TWO QUESTIONS!!  WHERE DID THIS TOPIC EVEN COME FROM?!)

Anyway, since my brain is pretty fried as it is and I still have one day of testing left to get through, this seems like a good time for me to tell you a little story about what I've been wearing for the seven days before the test:

Pre-Bar Exam
Yeah.  That's it.  Two out of three of those "dresses" are actually nighties.  If you do the math, you may notice that there are fewer than seven outfits in that set, and there are only two outfits that are meant to be worn outside.

No, I didn't do any laundry.  I only put on underwear about 50% of the time.  Only a slightly better percentage for showering, and only because of the heat wave.

I was determined to dress like a grown-up for this test, though.  Here's what I packed:

Bar Exam OOTDs

(L-R:  Travel Day; Day 1; Day 2.)

I'm wearing the Counting Angles today.  I plan to head out for post-exam celebrations with my friends IMMEDIATELY following the test, so I made sure to pack a dress that would be comfortable and that wouldn't get wrinkled after sitting in it all day :-)

Tomorrow I'm getting a haircut with my trust NY hair stylist and then a few other body-loving processes.  I wanted to stop by an Anthro to try on and presumably buy this lovely dress as a reward for finishing the bar:

Anthropologie Tupelo Dress, here.  Read Roxy's review here.

....but unfortunately it's sold out everywhere in NYC!  I suppose I'll have to wait until after my summer travels to pick this one up.  (PS:  I know it's sold out because I checked...with the folks at Anthro...after stopping by at the end of yesterday's testing day. :-)  I had to return a few things...and I may have picked up one or two goodies in the meantime...)

Also, I've got my eye on this bangle...but only if I find out pass the exam in a few months:
Kate Spade "Ahead of the Curve" Bangle.  Sold out but available on eBay.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NY Bar Exam: Nothing in the Dark...

Today is Day 1 of the New York Bar Exam.

On Sunday night, the night before I left for my NYC hotel where I'm staying while I take the test, BF came over to my apartment and watched a few episodes of The Twilight Zone while I finished reviewing some practice essays.  I decided in advance to allow myself to experience panic, anxiety, and inadequacy until midnight, when I would push those feelings away and begin to build that sense of capability and confidence that I know I will need in order to stay calm today.

Anyway, I sat with BF on the sofa once I was finished to catch the end of an episode I'd already seen once before, but which had utterly different meaning to me this time around.  It's called "Nothing in the Dark."  There's a full plot synopsis behind that link, but as a quick summary:  an old woman has shut herself up in her apartment, paralyzed by fear of Death (capitalized, because she has seen death in human form a few times before, as she's grown older).  She won't leave her apartment or let anyone in because she is afraid that Death will take her away, and she desperately doesn't want to die.

Then, a policeman played by the young and dreamy Robert Redford gets shot outside her door.  She reluctantly lets him in to render aid, talks to him, confides in him.  The reveal at the end is that Robert Redford IS Death.  The old woman reels back in horror as Death lays harmlessly on the woman's sofa.  She stars at him in disbelief when Robert Redford sits up and asks the woman gently, "Am I really so bad?"

The episode brought tears to my eyes.  It wasn't just the old woman plaintively pleading with Death that she doesn't want to die.  It was her ultimate realization that death had to come.  She couldn't stop it, and it wasn't even Death that frightened her.  It was whatever came afterwards.  Death she could handle.  Death she understood.  The big reveal was not that Death tricked his way inside her apartment---the bigger reveal was that Death wasn't her ultimate fear in the first place.

Skip to 6:24 for the essence, or watch the whole second half for more context.

"The running's over.  It's time to rest."

"You see?  No shock.  No engulfment.  No tearing asunder.  What you feared would come like an explosion is like a whisper.  What you thought was the end is the beginning."

Well, there's the metaphor, right?  Not to be melodramatic about the death/exam comparison, but the Bar Exam is coming for me.  I can't stop it anyway, even if I wanted to.  But I don't want to.   I can do this.  Like the old woman, I admit that I'm afraid.  But I also admit that I understand a decent chunk of this material.  It's time to let go of the sometimes-crippling anxiety I've felt for the last week, the anxiety that kept me shut up in the darkest space in my brain.  As Rod Serling notes at the end of this episode, there's nothing in the dark that's not there in the light.

It's time to just take this damn thing and be done.

If this exam tries to make me cry, I will just imagine a beautiful, young, glowing Robert Redford confidently telling me, "We have already begun."

Good luck to the other exam takers!  We can do this.  

Monday, July 25, 2011

Use it or Lose it OOTD: Fantastic Field Skirt

Please, enlighten me:  how is is possible for a skirt to be so gorgeous and yet so neglected?  What, pray tell, is wrong with me exactly?

This skirt went on sale at Anthropologie back in late April or early May.  It didn't particularly jump out at me online, but once I saw one in a store I knew it had to be mine.  The colors are exceptionally vivid and the pencil skirt style is quite flattering.  Not only that, but it's a relatively breezy cotton fabric that allows for easy breathing in the summer heat.

And yet I have only worn this skirt once in three months, and not in a particularly memorable way, either.  I think I paired it with a solid top.  

The fact that I don't want to ride a bike in this skirt has prevented some degree of wear.  But I suppose its biggest challenge is that the vivid colors and patterns make it difficult to wear anything but a solid top with it.  

Now, don't get me wrong,  I don't have anything against rational style rules, but I think it may be a fate worse than death to limit this skirt to a life of stifling monogamy with boring, albeit multi-colored, tops.  (Please don't tell BF I said that.)  There's nothing wrong with wearing a solid shirt once in a while, but I wanted to find a way to mix patterns with it, and I was determined not to wear this skirt with a solid top twice in a row.

I really like the way this turned out.  It feels cohesive to me because both halves use the same dominant colors and shapes, and are divided by a thick belt.  Even more, it's fun!  Wooohooo, look at my whimsy!

Is that just my bar-exam addled brain talking, or do you catch my drift?  Do you like to pattern mix or do you keep things classic?  I'm curious to hear your thoughts, since I would certainly agree that the Anthro aesthetic sometimes takes pattern mixing too far (SNL mocked Anthro in this skit, courtesy of JessPGH and Roxy's Twitter feeds.  Note:  if you watch the first minute you'll get the drift.  This is by no means a classic skit.).

PS:  I'm a little bit obsessed with this tanktop (available in more colors on J.Crew's factory website, open on weekends).  I may have already bought it in another color last weekend.  Erm.  One big negative:  the zipper track kind of pops out on the side if you tuck it in.

So, Use it or Lose it?  Use it, most definitely.  This skirt is far too beautiful to part with, even if it spends its life in a committed relationship with all of the solid colored shirts in my wardrobe.  Regardless, it's still nice to know it can take a walk on the wild side.

In this Outfit:
J.Crew Factory Printed Silk Pocket Tank (2, but a 4 also fits, so I'll say TTS-ish) (here in patterns, or here in solids)
Anthro Fantastic Fields Skirt (8)
Anthro Looping Lanes Belt (L, but need a M)
ALDO Shoes (40) (note:  I may have sworn off this brand forever due to consistent sizing/quality/comfort issues, but I will continue to wear the shoes of theirs I currently own)
Anthro Pave Posts (here)
Anthro Bassotto Necklace
Kate Spade Crystal Confection Ring
Kate Spade Head-in-the-Sand Melinda

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Funday: Bar Review in my Closet

Okay, there are now four study days left until the New York Bar Exam.  I'll be taking the test on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I intend to hole myself up this weekend and cram as much material into my head as humanly possible.

This is me.  
Image from here.  Original creator unknown.  Inspired by this awesome post.

It seems as though studying for the bar exam has made it impossible for me to maintain a train of thought for longer than a few seconds without thinking of a bar exam question.  BF was trying to say something romantic to me last night, and he lost me a few seconds in because I couldn't remember the elements of the Babcock/Neumeier analysis for choice of law when it comes to loss distribution rules.

It's bad, you guys.

So then it's no wonder that, in order to justify spending the amount of time and mental energy required to develop a Friday Funday post (FUN time and FUN energy!  but still!), that it would have to tie in somehow with my studies.

Allow me to present to you...

Jewish Girl's In-Closet Bar Review

Assault:  Anthropologie's Taiga Oxford Boot

Assault is both a civil cause of action and a crime.  The civil and criminal charges both require a showing that the defendant (D) intentionally placed the victim (V) in apprehension/fear of immediate physical injury.  (Note the NY distinction:  in NY criminal law, "assault" is the same as common law battery---intentionally causing physical injury to another person.  The equivalent of a common law assault claim in NY would be called "menacing.")

These shoes, as I explained the last time I wore them on the blog, make me feel like a "crazed female Rambo" with their heavy-duty zippers and laces.  To clarify my point, I posted this little montage:

So tell me, readers, are you placed in immediate apprehension of a battery?  Given that these photos are posted online, you probably are not.  And even if you are, your apprehension has to be objectively reasonable, and a reasonable person with ordinary sensibilities probably would not expect to be immediately battered after seeing generally threatening (but comically so) photos posted on the internet.

You lose!  The boots win!

Attempt (MPC/Majority Standard):  J.Crew Collins Leather Platform Peep Toe ($100 here)

In criminal law, "attempt" is an inchoate (unfinished) crime requiring an overt act towards the commission of a crime beyond mere preparation.  There are two different standards for gauging whether the attempt was serious enough to be a criminal act in itself.  The first, followed in NY, is the common law standard of "dangerous proximity," which requires conduct that comes extremely close (dangerously proximate) to the commission of a crime.  Basically, this means that if you arrive at someone's house intending to burn it down, bring your gas can, and start pouring gas, and have matches in your pocket, then you're guilty of attempt.  If you arrive at the house but forget your gas can---no attempt.

These shoes, however, represent the approach taken in the Model Penal Code (MPC) and in the majority of states, that attempt requires a substantial step [towards the commission of the crime that corroborates the criminal purpose].  These shoes, with their 4" heel, certainly cause me to take substantial steps.

Waka waka waka!

False Imprisonment:  Anthropologie Mirror Image Belt

False imprisonment is both a tort claim and a criminal charge.  Although the elements of the criminal and civil charges are a bit different (and NY has two degrees of false imprisonment), the general idea is that D restrains V in a bounded space.

This huge, corset-esque belt most definitely restrains my midsection in a bounded space.  Of course, this belt would never be charged because it can defend by showing consent---I donned the belt and wore it all day, thus consenting to the belt's confinement.  Since false imprisonment requires that V be restrained without consent (or, in the tort action, without even the victim's knowledge as long as the victim is harmed by the restraint), the belt would surely prevail over me.

Mistake of Fact:  Outfit Triage "Bows Upon Bulk"

Remember this outfit?  Part of the reason it went horribly wrong is that I mistakenly believed that the striped top I'm wearing was blue and white, not black and white.  Fortunately for me, any mistake of fact---even an unreasonable mistake---will negate my criminal mental state if the crime requires a showing of purpose, knowledge, or recklessness.  If the crime requires a showing of negligence, then my mistake would have to be reasonable.  If the crime is a strict liability crime, then no mistake, not even a reasonable one, will excuse my actions.

So, the real question is:  are personal style faux pas a strict liability offense?

Oh yes, there's more behind the cut...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Fake Mullany Marks its Territory (EBEW - Nifty Thrifty)

It's Thrift Day over at Everybody Everwhere!  I missed the regularly scheduled "Yellow" day earlier this month because I was probably doing something very important, like online shopping or procrastinating on studying for the bar exam.

Not this time, though!  This time I have taken a break from online shopping and bar exam procrastination to actually put on clothes---unless you count the chemise I've been wearing for the last two days in a row as clothes, in which case I have TOTALLY been putting on clothes.

As I reflected on my thrifted wardrobe pieces, I almost settled on the most glamorous thrifted piece I own---this See by Chloe Silk Print Dress (retail: $580.  thrifted:  $18.  worn here.), but ultimately I opted for a bit more of a challenge---I've already worn the SBC dress (albeit only twice in almost seven months).  I couldn't help but reach for a poor neglected dress that has yet to see the light of day.  She's the Little Orphan Annie of my closet, except in her version of the story, Daddy Warbucks was a totally hands-off dad who left Annie to watch TV by herself every night until she cried herself to sleep with bitter tears of upper-class social isolation:

I bought this dress back in May at a Goodwill in NYC.  At the time I was thrilled to snatch it up, since it reminded me of a popular Anthropologie dress I'd missed out on:

(skinny black belt added to the thrifted dress)

Despite my initial excitement over the find (and the fact that I kind of steamrolled over my sister wrenched it from my sister's hands kindly and unselfishly talked my sister out of buying it so I could have it), this poor dress has just languished in my closet since its purchase.  I recently acquired the original Anthropologie Mullany Dress, and even though it may end up being too big for me I want to make sure this lovely white dress can stand on its own two feet before I bring its rival into my midst.

The strength of The Fake Mullany (TFM) is that it is more versatile when it comes to accent colors.  While the real Mullany has (adorable) black polka dots to contend with while accessorizing, this dress is literally a blank palette.

It's whiteness was intimidating at first, but once I added this cute blue flower pin---also thrifted---the white seemed less overwhelming.

"What're you doing down there, pin?"  I'm slowly getting over my wariness of pins as a class of accessories.  (See also, here)

In this Outfit:
Pleated White Dress (The Fake Mullany) by Minimal (thrifted) (similar here, and here for 60% off)
Blue Flower Pin (thrifted)
Nine West Pumps (Buffalo Exchange, Philadelphia) (similar here, here, here, and here)
J.Crew Tie Belt, circa 2004
Anthropologie Triphasic Earrings ($20 here)
Coach Leather Sabrina in Cinnamon (similar here)

EBEW: Thrift

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

JG'S Apartment: A Shopping Tour!

Well hai there, reader!  Welcome to my new D.C. apartment!  Let me show you around...

Let's start with the outside:  See that big awesome house I'm standing in front of?  

...That's not my place.  See that window underneath my armpit?  That's my place.  Fancy, huh?!?

I'm living in an English Basement apartment a few minutes away from the Capitol.  For those unfamiliar with the concept, an English basement is a separate unit from the main house it's connected to; I have my own entrance/exit and the landlord in the main house has no access to my apartment.  The plus side is that the rent is fairly reasonable for a one-bedroom in this neighborhood.  The downside is that the lighting isn't quite as good as a regular unit and I may get kinda cold in the winter.  Time will tell on that one---I'm hoping the place is well-insulated but I won't know until December!

Alrighty, don't forget to wipe your feet on my doormat on the way in...

On my doorpost is the mezuzah I bought in Israel! 

(more behind the cut)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Use it or Lose it OOTD: Forever 21 Pleated Dotted Swiss Skirt

Hooray, the Use It or Lose It Challenge has officially begun!  (If you missed the introduction to my new challenge, "Use it or Lose It," click here to read the background, and click here for information on linking up!)  As a reminder, the object of the challenge is to identify a few summer-appropriate skirts in your wardrobe that have been underused and to challenge yourself to wear them at some point in the next month---the challenge ends on August 18.  That's it, easy as clicking the "Submit" button on Anthro sale day pie.  Look like fun?  You can join in at any time, but the sooner the better!

Re: summer-appropriateness, several of you aptly pointed out that one of my skirts was quite heavy and may be too warm to wear in the summer.  I reassessed my original collection and removed three of the heavier wool and corduroy skirts (this, this, and this) and replaced them with a mini skirt that has been languishing away in my closet, along with two beautiful cotton pencil skirts that have not gotten the amount of wear they should have, considering how madly I am in love with them.  Here's the updated set of summer skirts that I will be "using or losing" this month:

Use It Or Lose It
The first item on my agenda:  The Forever 21 Pleated Dotted Swiss Skirt.

Forever21 skirt

This skirt has been sitting, new with tags, in a drawer for the last three months.  It combines two of my worst psychological wardrobe stumbling blocks:  Forever 21 and white/light bottoms (see, e.g., here and here).  I don't know what my issue is with either.

Forever 21.  I kick myself softly every time I see Kim from Anthroholic wearing something gorgeous from Forever 21 (like this or this or this) because I feel almost as though we are shopping in different stores.  Whenever I walk into Forever 21, I'm blinded by preteenie styles and cheap fabrics.  I often walk out overwhelmed without even trying anything on.  I can't order from the website, either, since I have no sense for quality or style online.  I KNOW there's good stuff in that store, but I just can't seem to find it.

Light bottoms.  For some reason, every time I try to wear a light bottom I struggle with the type of top to wear.  I'm not sure why this happens; I think it's a recurring cycle---I don't wear light bottoms since I don't know what to wear with them, and then I don't get practice styling them so I drift towards different bottoms when it's time to get dressed.

This skirt seemed promising when I first bought it, but given my double blocks it's not surprising it took a little force to finally tear off those tags.  I opted for one of my magical shirts to wear with it, since I feel confident that this shirt will go with pretty much anything, and it makes me happy enough to compensate for my lack of confidence with light bottoms.

I like the result, though.  This skirt is full but not suffocating, it's a flattering shape, and it's stretchy enough to be comfortable for all-day wear.  The skirt is actually off-white/antique lace, which I think makes it a bit more versatile.  Or perhaps that's just my mental block coming back---it's less light, so it's more versatile.

Sigh.  Some things never change.

My beautiful new necklace from Miss November Studios!  (Thanks to Carol at In Pursuit of Pretty Things for a heads-up on Sandra's 20% off promo)

In this Outfit:
Anthro Blazing Blouse (buy here)
Forever 21 Pleated Dotted Swiss Skirt (M)
Anthro Lace Lovers Booties by Farryl Robin (9) (Confession:  I took these off after about twenty minutes and replaced them with flip-flops.  It's too hot for socks!)
Earrings via Etsy (defunct seller)
Circus Elephant Necklace from Miss November Studio (buy here on Etsy)
Fossil Watch (similar here)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sale Haul: Attack of the Stress Shopping (Bar Exam Edition)

(Don't forget to sign up for the "Use it or Lose it" Challenge!  You can sign up at any time, but the 30 day clock will officially start tomorrow.)


Pre-Bar Exam Stress Shopping

(Can someone tell me why Polyvore automatically resizes/shrinks my sets so they aren't flush with the borders?)

Ugh.  This is just embarrassing.  I am not proud of myself.  In fact, feel free to link your significant others to this post so you look more frugal (and less wordy) by comparison.

Here's the thing.

The bar exam:  studying for it:  sucks.  Really, really sucks.  I can't even explain to you how much effort it takes to even START working through multiple choice questions and sample essays, let alone to stay focused on those things for very long when there's stuff to be bought online and that's so much more fun and I can just do THAT instead!!

It probably comes as no surprise that I have a tendency to stress shop (see here and here for just two examples).  In the last two weeks, I have developed this bad habit of procrastinating on my studying by online shopping.  And then I take breaks from studying by online shopping.  And then I reward myself for completed tasks by making a nice cup of peach tea.  And then online shopping while I drink it.

You get the drift.

So, no, this is not a great situation.  But, yes, I've got my eye on it.  It's temporary, and I am avoiding most "final sale" installations so I can stick with vendors who will let me send this stuff back once I more rationally reassess.

I've posted photos/reviews and a breakdown of the keeps, the returns, and the maybes, behind the cut.  As always, your input is valued!  Please inject some calm into my storm!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Use it or Lose It Challenge Begins Tuesday, July 19th!

For those interested in participating in The "Use it or Lose It" Challenge, I'm starting our 30-day clock ticking on Tuesday, July 19th.  

As a reminder, this round of the challenge will feature skirts.  You can wear your summer skirts any time during that 30 days, and you certainly don't have to wear one every day!  If you'd like to participate, here's what you need to do to link up:

1.  Create a Label/Tag/Filter/whatever for your Use it or Lose it posts (like this)

2.  Add this html code to your blog:

It will display a button that looks like this:

3.  Email me with the link to your "Use it or Lose it" blog label and I'll add you to the blogroll of participants.

4.  If you have a blog sale page that you'd like to include, send me that, too.

5.  To participate, start with a polyvore set or photo identifying your "at-risk" skirts.  As you wear the skirts, take photos of your outfits.

That's it!  I'd originally conceived of this idea as something I would do solo, but isn't everything more fun in a group?  Of course, right now it's a group of one, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere.

If you want to participate but don't have a blog, just go ahead and email me your outfit photos as you take them.  I'll compile them in a reader outfits feature!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Funday: The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Things I Own

You may disagree, but I think I have pretty reasonable taste.  I wouldn't go so far as to say I have good taste necessarily, but I feel very confident that my taste does not offend a person of ordinary sensibilities.

And yet, periodically, I find myself making utterly ridiculous purchases.  (These are the quintessential example.)  I don't know why.  Perhaps because I am drawn to uniqueness, and I relish the idea of owning something nobody else has.  Perhaps because I like a challenge, and want to find a use for a strange and unconventional item.  Or perhaps I have some kind of mood disorder that needs to be corrected by a series of medications.


Back here at the point, though: I was shocked at how many I found once I started thinking about it.  I'd initially conceived this entry to be only two or three pictures, but now I present to you...

Jewish Girl's Top Ten Most Absurd Possessions!


When I was a kid, my dad inexplicably kept this little statuette on his desk in his office.  I don't think I understood that this was a sexual innuendo at the time I swiped it, but swipe it I did.  I've since carried it with me through nine years of moves since starting college.  I almost got rid of it after moving to D.C. last month, but the guy's made it this seems as though maybe I should take him...aaaalll the waaay!  Aw yeah!


I have many silly shirts from Threadless, but this one may take the cake (donut?).  I bought this while getting my master's in Criminology, so I thought the crime theme would be particularly relevant to my life.  I neglected to realize that I cannot wear this shirt around police officers OR criminals, since it is probably offensive to lawmen and miscreants alike.


I bought this dead mouse throw pillow many years ago at IKEA, of all places.  Do they even still sell this?  Tell me "no," so I can feel a bit more cool.  Than I already feel.  Which is very cool.


While a grad student in Philadelphia, I temporarily fell in with a group of famous competitive eaters.  It's a long story.  The short version is that a few of my friends and I "scored" backstage passes to the 2007 Philly Wing Bowl, which is Philly's big wing-eating competition, attracting pros from around the world. I say "scored" because the word "scored" generally implies getting something awesome.  It's questionable whether witnessing this event was awesome.  Of course, the eaters I knew are super-fun people and I had a great time that night/morning---we had to be backstage around 3:30am, so we hung out with my eater friends a bit (they got a cheesesteak at Pat's, ate it...then crossed the street and got another one at Geno's), and when it was time for the eaters to eat the wings my friends and I joined up with Patrick Bertoletti's entourage and walked out to a screaming crowd, pumping them up for Bertoletti--- but watching forty people chow down on cold wings while video of some guy from last year projectile-vomiting his wings having an urge contrary to swallowing plays over and over on the stadium jumbotron...ehhh.  I could have done without that part.


Teehee.  Someone save her, she's drowning in my wine bottle!  (similar here and here)

And now, the top five...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Call for Guest Posts!

I'm looking for readers, bloggers, Jewish mothers, etc. to write a guest post for me that will run sometime during the month of August.  The theme for guest posts will be:

"How I Spent My Summer Vacation"

Tell me about something cool/fun/crazy/scary that you did this summer!  You can write about a shopping trip, a vacation, a recipe you tried, a concert you saw, a person you met, a book you read...the list goes on.  As long as it makes you happy to write about, it'll be perfect!  Email me if you're interested.

Why?  I'm fleeing the country from August 1 until August 24 as a post-bar exam trip!

The "bar trip" is a tradition of law students going into Big Law (see, e.g., here) (discussing long hours).  In recognition of the fact that a long vacation in your first year or so as a junior associate is a laughable concept, many folks take a very long trip before starting work.  The idea is that in a few months, you'll have more money than you know what to do with, but you won't have any more time.  Thus, take a lavish vacation now, pay for it by year's end.

Image from Technolawyer

I consider this bar trip to be my remedial Eurotrip.  At this point in my life, I think I should have already been to these countries.  I haven't, so I'm knocking them out in August.  My plan is to visit Italy, France, and Spain.  I hope to meet up with miscellaneous friends while I'm there, but as of now I'm traveling solo.  I'll be staying in hostels and not shopping at all---I intend to spend all my money on food, wine, and miscellaneous day trips.  As I sort through my travel guides I'll tell you more about my itinerary.

I am most definitely going to Monte Carlo.  Image from Top Best Travel Destinations (WTF with that name?)

In the meantime, if you've been to any of these countries, do you have ideas for things I absolutely should not miss?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Introducing: Use it or Lose It

While culling my closet to chose items for my blog sale, I came across armfuls of clothes that I haven't worn in ages, but that I still found myself reluctant to sell.  Some of these items I'd worn once, others not at all.

Perhaps my reluctance to sell these items stemmed from the fact that I like them, or that I like the store I bought them from, or that I never attempted to style them, or that I just lost them in my closet or didn't prioritize them or whatever other reason I chose to wear other skirts instead of these.

Inspired by a combination of Kendi's popular 30 for 30 Challenge and Mich's Negative 30 for 30 Challenge, I came up with something I'm calling:

Use it or Lose it.

This challenge is meant to be a figurative gun-to-the-head.  I will go through my unused or underused clothing items and find a way either to integrate them into my wardrobe or I will acknowledge that they are not really my style and it's time to part with them in another blog sale.  I've got 30 days to use them or lose them.

So, let's begin the closet culling!  Starting with skirts.  Here are the skirts I've identified as underused:

Use It Or Lose It
1.  J.Crew Horizon Stripe Mini (never worn)
2.  Adrienne Vittadini Scalloped Skirt (never worn on blog)
3.  Anthro Finishing School Skirt (worn here and here)
4.  Leifsdottir Picados Skirt (worn here)
5.  Forever 21 Pleated Dotted Swiss Skirt (never worn)
6.  Gap Pleated Bow Skirt (worn, tragically, on Lisa's blog here)
7.  Anthro Green Mountains Skirt (worn here)
8.  Made to Measure Skirt (never worn on the blog)

To the extent that I just tend to lose these items in my closet, I've come up with a way of easily identifying/prioritizing them:

Green marker on the hangers = USE IT OR LOSE IT!

So, here we go!  Let's see how many of these I can knock out before my three-week Eurotrip!  (more on that later.)

To sum up:  the guidelines are:

  • Pick out some underutilized skirts
  • Try to wear them within the next 30 days
  • Reassess whether they stay or go  

I'm starting with skirts this round, but we'll hit the other clothing areas in due course!

Want to join in?  Feel free---just let me know in the comments so I can link to you (and your subsequent blog sale, if you need one).

[Edit: For more details about joining, click here! The challenge is on!]
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