Monday, December 26, 2011

An Unexpected Steal(s)

I'm in Atlantic City with the BF for the first part of this week playing poker with just my iPhone to fulfill my technological needs, so I'm running at a bit less than full capacity over here.

We're having a great time, as always. Yesterday, we both played in a tournament and ended up making the final table, where we agreed to take a chop deal for even shares of the pot. I personally had a great game---i played well and all of my big hands held up---and I was chip leader at the time we chopped. Usually I would use my chip lead to ask for more than an equal chop, but since it was 5am at the time (midnight tournament) and since the chop deal had us all doing better than fourth place, and since BF was not in a strong position, I just took the deal.

I'm extremely superstitious about being the person to block a chop deal that everyone else agrees to, so I just won't block it.

I realize that many of you are not interested in poker, but I'm curious---do any of you folks out there in my corner of the Internet gamble? If so, what and where do you play? I'd love to collect some crazy casino/poker/gaming stories in the comments! (Stories of any kind about Las Vegas are also welcome.)

In the vein of our regularly scheduled programming, did you brave the crowds for any after-Christmas shopping today? I was planning to visit the Atlantic City outlets today, but then realized the only one I was interested in was J.Crew, and I already bought MORE than enough from them in their 30% off sales this month!

I did do a small bit of shopping on Friday, and I ended up with a few totally unexpected deals.

First, I stopped by Banana Republic to return a peacoat I'd purchased last week. It was marked $198, but I'd bought it in the 40%-off-everything sale on Friday, where for whatever reason it rang up as $95.

I decided to return it. While flattering, and while I wanted a blue cropped pea coat, it was slightly itchy, and just not quite what I would expect of a $95 coat.

When I showed up to Banana Republic for my return, I found they were having an extra 40% off sale merchandise sale. Amazingly, I found this peacoat, which had been full price just a week before, in the sale section for $95. I figured, hey, for 40% off $95, I was more than willing to put up with a bit of itchiness around the neck, which would be alleviated with the use of a scarf. I picked up a lovely green cardigan (on sale for $50-something) while I was at it.

I think something went wrong when the sales associate attempted to give me both a price adjustment on my pea coat, and apply the 40% off sale merchandise promotion. Before I knew it, my coat was ringing up for only $36, and my cardigan for about $17.

The sales associate and I both looked at each other quizzically. I asked him if these prices were correct, and he told me, a bit confused, that there must be some kind of mistake in the system. There was a pause, and then he shrugged and said, "I'm okay with it if you are."

Uhhhh, YEAH.

The peacoat.

The cardigan.

(PS: they're currently running a 30% off sale merchandise sale. Use code BRSALE30.)

And then, just for good measure, I also killed it at Filene's Basement. They are having a going out of business sale, and the entire store was 50% off on Friday. I found this nifty blazer, which was originally $220, marked down to $25 after the discount. Win!

You gotta love receipts like this:

...especially for blazers like this:

Alright, tell me about your shopping day! Did you get the day off work?

I don't know about you, but I'm really hoping there are no new items on sale at Anthropologie this week. My budget is already in shambles, and I really don't need any new temptation!

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