Thursday, December 15, 2011

This must be a warning sign for SOMETHING.

The time:  5:30pm.
The place:  My office breakroom.
The protagonist:  Me, your faithful author, who has allowed herself the rest of December to be an inactive lump on a log before resuming exercise and some modicum of healthy eating.

Picture it with me:

I walk into the office breakroom to grab a can of seltzer water.  There, sitting on the counter next to a delightful-looking bowl of fresh fruit salad left over from someone's meeting, is a nearly empty serving plate.  On that plate are a few small mounds of a pillowy white substance.  There appear to be flecks of something inside.

I stare at this plate for about thirty seconds trying to decide whether I am looking at vanilla icing (eat) or mashed potatoes (pass).  Despite the fact that my visual assessment resulted in a 50-50 chance of mashed potatoes, I still try some.  (It was cannoli filling.)

...Yeah.  Maybe I should just go for a run already.

Ahhh, December with your food and your merriment!  You are the reason for New Years' resolutions!

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