Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shopping Break

As if retailers weren't already killing us with the plethora of sales at this time of year, I figured I'd add a bit of sale-tuational awareness to the mix.

Kate Spade Rose Club Melisse, $425 $291 $212

My beloved Kate Spade purse/clutch got a substantial price reduction this week!  (Reviewed here)  Now with several more weeks of wear, I can affirm that I love the bag.  One significant downside, though:  The enamel bow on the front of the bag can scratch.  Mine is showing several scratches of unknown origin.  It's only visible up-close, but if you know this is the type of thing that would bother you, then best to pass on the bag.

Kate Spade Dotted Magdalena Dress continues to pop back

While we're on the subject of Kate Spade, the dress I wore to my firm's holiday party seems to be continually popping back in different sizes.  Availability seems to change every day, so if you were looking for this piece, keep an eye out!

For the same fabric in a different cut (and at a lower price), check out Kate Spade's Gail Dress (now $195).

Miscellaneous Kate Spade Buys

Okay, I can't resist some of Kate Spade's new sale items!

Gia Clutch -- $57 (it'll arrive in time for New Year's!)
Doodles Pen Necklace, $46
Prize Ball Thermos, $21 $1 Sale

From now until December 24, you can buy $25 gift certificates to thousands of restaurants for only $1.  Use promo code "JOY." 

The way these certificates work is that you have to spend a minimum of more than $25 (varies by restaurant, but for some places the minimum is as low as $35).  Each restaurant has its own conditions (some limit you to dinner only, dine-in only, etc.).  There are no expiration dates.  You tip on the total of the bill before the discount is applied.  I've used these before without a problem.

I stocked up on certificates for a few of my favorite restaurants in the neighborhood, and bought a few more just to experiment with.  The total value of my coupons was $550 (the certificates themselves would have been nearly $300) and I paid $26.50 for everything.
If I were not a forgetful idiot, I would have visited Ebates before buying, and I would have gotten 30% cash back. But I didn't do that. Because I'm an idiot. But you are not, so sign up for Ebates (and don't forget to actually use it) and start earning that cash back.

(Note:  If you try to get frisky with and buy a $25 gift certificate for $1.50, thinking you can then use that certificate for your other coupons, be warned that it does not work that way (no promo codes with gift certificate orders).  Whomp whomp.)

"1-800-NOT-GUILTY" Coaster

Admittedly, this one is only good for those of you who live in D.C., but how cute is this New Orleans-inspired coaster for the lawyers in your life?

This is manufactured by Jeannette Landphair, who sells her stuff (coasters, magnets, posters, nightlights) on the weekends at Eastern Market in D.C.  Sadly, she does not seem to have any online storefront set up, but you can email her at if you want more information about her products.

Anthropologie:  Extra 50%-off Sale Merchandise

For those of you who missed my earlier post today AND several posts at EA, you may not be aware that all of Anthropologie's sale merchandise is currently an extra 50% off!  This promo is scheduled to run until 12/31 and you WILL be able to get a price adjustment for orders you placed in the last two weeks.

Make a point to check out your local sale rooms---the stores in DC are bursting with stuff, and the new 50%-off promo means that most stuff is now about $40 or less, and you can pick up lots of beautiful fall/winter coats for $50-$100.  This coat, called the "Vaterland Parka," is very warm (lined with fluffiness) and will be great for snowy months:

It's ringing up now for $100, but you'll have to find it in stores because it's sold out online.  I couldn't justify this one because I bought Anthro's Petal Curves Puffer Coat last year, but if you're in need of something soft and warm, this is your coat.

Free "Kind Heart" Spice Gift Box at Penzey's

My favorite spice store, Penzey's, is offering a free "Kind Heart Gift Box" with orders over $5.  Treat yourself to some of the best cinnamon ever and then get one of these nifty boxes for free.

My poor, poor bank account.  I'm going to need retailers to raise their prices again ASAP so I can recover.

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