Thursday, December 15, 2011

OOTD: Holiday Party

Oh, it's times like these that I wish my boyfriend had a photography hobby and a DSLR, because none of these iphone-in-my-office-bathroom photos are really doing this dress justice.

I wore this beautiful Kate Spade dress to my law firm's holiday party on Friday.  I had a wonderful time; I am blessed to genuinely enjoy the company of my coworkers, which makes events like this a true pleasure.  Plus, as an awesome bonus, I got to meet a reader who was there as the guest of one of our attorneys!  (Hi!)

Of course, having an excuse to wear a fun dress never hurt anyone either.

Since the back of this piece is a bit too daring for the office, I added the band-aid of work attire:  a sleek black blazer. [edit:  I wore the blazer during the day and then doffed it for the party.]

How I love the sleek black blazer.  Doesn't it just seem to make everything a bit more polished and classy? Imagine if our friend Snooki would just go out in public wearing a black blazer every once in a while:

I mean, girl looks put together!  And even though she probably left this photo shoot, immediately took off the blazer and pants, and went to a club at 4pm in just the sparkly top and the neon pink thong she's probably wearing---we can just briefly live in the moment and appreciate the fact that the girl could maybe one day get a real job, and all it would take is the right blazer.

That's inspiring, ya know? The black blazer: it's a workhorse.

I'm just saying, black blazers are awesome.  And I got this one at Gabriel Brothers, in what was kind of an ill-fated trip---I drove for two hours expecting to find loads of treasures but came away with just this one piece.  However, this blazer (formerly from Urban Outfitters) was only $20, and I've probably worn it once a week since starting my job.  So perhaps it was worth the trek.

So, in sum, I loved this dress.  It was comfortable, breathable, curve-huggingly sexy (I think), flattering (I think), and was the right mix of conservative and daring.

I took a size four, although I kind of wish I would have tried my normal (Anthro) size six before committing.  The four fits like a glove, but I do sometimes like a bit more room in my garments.  This fabric is stretchy, so you could easily get away with sizing down as I did.  I was concerned that perhaps the dress was tenting a bit in the back, but I couldn't capture it in a photo and I don't think it was too distracting.

Anyway, the point is:  try this dress on in two sizes if at all possible.  One of my coworkers actually ordered this dress in the next size up, so if we ever coordinate an in-office swap/try-on session, I will update this post and let you know which fit better.
In this Outfit:
Kate Spade Dotted Magdalena Dress (4) (here - on sale!)
Silence + Noise Blazer (Urban Outfitters via Gabriel Brothers)
Anthropologie Slinking Frills Pumps (8.5) (sadly, these shoes TOTALLY slip off my feet when I wear tights, so I had to forego wearing these beauties)
Anthropologie Coalescing Necklace
Hoop and Pearl Earrings via Ideeli
Kate Spade Rose Club Melisse Purse (here)
Knuckle Gold Finger Ring via La Dama (dupe of this $250 YSL ring, discovered through Look 4 Less) ($25 here) (also available here for cheaper) (sadly, the "stone" fell off of this ring in the car on the way over to the party!  I will fix this with superglue, but it's still kind of frustrating that the piece fell apart right away.  Sigh; I guess you get what you pay for.)

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