Tuesday, December 6, 2011

OOTD: Eye Spy

In my post about my new cheap watches, a few people noticed the irrepressible Dots Within Blouse in the background of one of my shots.

Well, here's the outfit for those who requested it:

I'm not happy with the blousiness in the midsection.  Next time I wear this blouse, I will try it either untucked or tucked into something higher-waisted.

On the plus side, I really liked my coral/orange accessories!

In this Outfit:
Anthropologie Dots Within Blouse (6)
Anthropologie Dapper & Dashing Trousers (8---one size up from usual 6)
Anthropologie Trinket Flats, Bow (9)
Anthropologie Party Animal Necklace, Tiger (Hedgehog available here!)
Anthropologie Stone Mine Drops Earrings
J.Crew Stripe Hand-Enameled Bangle (here --- SUPER hard to get off and on.  As in, lube-up-your-hand-with-lotion hard.)
Geneva Chronograph-Look Tortoise Acrylic Watch (here)

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