Thursday, December 29, 2011

OOTD: Color is a Pain

I bought the Million Pleats Midi from Jen a few weeks ago.  When it arrived, I was excited about trying out a midi-length skirt at a reasonable price (and it's machine washable, no less).

I love the fit of the skirt, but I discovered one major challenge after trying to wear it:  It's a LOT of black.

Regardless of the top I paired with it, I found myself drowning in black fabric with no idea of how to emerge!  I may have over-corrected by choosing the brightest accessories I own.

Chartreuse and bright blue.  Makes total sense, right?

I have mixed feelings about these Seychelles shoes, called the "Ampersand Pumps."  They were $130 at Anthropologie (called the "Curvy Cobalt Platforms"; sold out online) but I scored them for $45 on Amazon (here, now up to $60--$130 and sold out in blue).

On the one hand, holy wow:

These shoes are AWESOME-looking.  They are relatively comfortable given their crazy height, and the color is irresistible.  They get a lot of attention, but I think it's the good kind.  The kind that says, "I don't think I'd ever wear those, but you get props for even trying to pull them off."  And they really are a wonderful shade of blue.  I took my normal size 9 and they fit well.

On the other hand, so you see the part of the shoe that kind of points, underneath the top tips of the bow?  That part really dug into my foot all day, until by mid-afternoon I found myself sporting painful puncture wounds (literally!  punctures!) that required band-aids and a few weeks to heel.

So, on the whole, I am not sure I'd recommend these shoes unless you are willing to break them in, which I will now have to do.  Bring band-aids with you every time you wear them and apply them before the first sign of trouble!  I'll let you know if the problem gets better; it's been weeks since this photo and my scabs have only now fallen off.  TMI!

Okay, one last thing.  I need some help styling this skirt in the future.  I seem to have difficulty with midi-length, and I felt like nothing I did with this cardigan was working.  The first photo I took was a flattering angle, but witness some of my other attempts:

So my question is:  was this cardigan just patently too long to wear with this skirt?  Should I stick with cropped or normal length cardigans with this skirt in the future?  Did I do okay as it is, untucked?

I love the skirt, I just have no idea how to wear it!  I'd love links to your favorite examples of successful midi-wearing (ESPECIALLY black skirt midi-wearing) so I can try again.
In this Outfit:
Ann Taylor Loft half-lace Tee (S)
Anthropologie Million Pleats Midi (S)
Anthropologie Shadowsleeve Cardigan (M)
Seychelles Ampersand Pumps (aka Anthropologie Curvy Cobalt Pumps) (9, TTS) (here in other colors on sale; here in blue)
Belt came with skirt
Omega Watch (college graduation present)
Kate Spade Have Courage Bangle
Coach Pave Ball Drops
Kate Spade Head-in-the-Sand Melinda (similar here, or on sale in the same shape and different colors here and here)

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