Thursday, December 1, 2011

OOTD (and a review): Agnita Nap

This is Anthropologie's Agnita Dress, which arrived in my office yesterday afternoon, along with a few other sale goodies.  I've been drooling over it for months, even more since seeing Roxy's review of the dress here.  However, its $400 pricetag was absurd and undoable.  Even it's initial sale price of $200 was too much for me to justify.  I managed to grab this online for $100 in two sizes during Anthropologie's Black Friday 50% off sale.  The online reviews suggested a lot of fit issues with the bodice, but I figured I'd take a risk.

I'm wearing my regular size six here.  I found it to fit comfortably at the waist and to be a little bit blousy in the bodice.  The size eight gave me more flexibility at the waistband, but at the expense of a fitted top:

Size 8.

Still, I wasn't totally won over by the fit and had planned to take a few more days to think over the purchase.

Then I had to pull my first all-nighter at work.  Suddenly it was 7:30am and I was in need of something to wear.  I turned to this dress.  Fortunately, the shoes that I wore yesterday ($11 $33 6pm purchases!) go well with it (the emergency black pumps I usually keep in my office are at home), and my new Kate Spade eyeglasses necklace was a wonderful finishing touch (from $145 to $35 in the Kate Spade sample sale this weekend). 

Here's the emergency outfit I came up with:

I did my best to get out some of the wrinkles with some water and a hair dryer, but I didn't have a whole lot of resources to work with today, and I hate ironing/steaming things enough as it is.

Wrinkles aside, I gotta say---I kinda love this dress.  Blouseyness aside, quarterbacky shoulders aside...I adore it, actually.  The mixed textures.  The delicate print.  The antiquey feel.

It almost makes me forget that the only sleep I've gotten in the last day was the 1/2 hour nap I took on the recliner in our firm's "quiet room."


Incidentally, this dress is the SECOND dress from my Black Friday online haul that I decided to keep after it earned its stars in this all-nighter.  More on the first one later.

So, do you ever have to pull an all-nighter at your job?  Do you have an emergency drawer of provisions?  I had to stock up at the CVS this morning, but I have a bad feeling that I'll be needing these toiletries again a few times before my tenure here is up.

In this Outfit:
Anthropologie Agnita Dress (6)
Sam & Libby Elliance Pumps (9)
Geneva Chronograph Look, Tortoise ($20--$30 on Amazon)
Kate Spade Hang in There Necklace

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