Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Lady, Step Away from the Kate Spade!"

Today's title aptly comes from our friend Sian over at The British Anthropologiest.  Her advice is excellent...I found myself sucked into a Kate Spade vortex on Friday and I barely survived intact.

With the $50 off $250 promotion, I couldn't resist splurging.  I bought one magical black dress---seriously, it's the most flattering thing I've ever tried on---a pair of tights, and a purse.  The sales associate let me split my items up into two separate purchases, so I got a total of $100 off my items.

I'll show you more pictures of the dress next week, since I want to surprise BF with it at my office holiday party on Friday.  There's one on my Twitter feed, if you're dying to see it in advance.  (DON'T LOOK, BF.)  I'll save my gushing for later.  And trust me, there will be gushing.

I'd been eying the dress in the Kate Spade sale section all week, but the purse took me by surprise:

Pretty unassuming, right?  But in person....

So cute!

So spacious!

Such a nice thin profile!

And it doubles as a large clutch!

I'm sorry, I couldn't not.

The only question is:  Do I have any reason to keep my Spotted Satchel ($65) now?

How many polka-ed bags does one non-Polish Jewish Girl need?  What do you think?

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