Monday, December 12, 2011

Home Improvement: The Purse Display Dilemma

Something about weekends makes me want to turn my attention to home improvement.

I was having this problem in which I wore the same two or three purses, to the exclusion of my other bags, because I just couldn't see them all.  I'd been storing my purses in a dresser, which was okay for keeping them all together and out-of-sight, but I began to realize that "out of sight" really meant "out of mind" when it came to my accessories.

I did a bit of searching on Amazon and came upon this "coat tree":

This---with its artful appearance and staggered prongs of varying lengths---struck me as exactly the kind of thing that would be great for displaying my purses for easy accessorizing.  With stellar user reviews and costing about $60 (when you include shipping), this seemed like a safe bet.

Mission accomplished!  I even got a second one to hang up my scarves.

(Edit:  For another (DIY) option, check out this display at the Penn Quarter Anthropologie!)

[Second Edit:  Note Alex's comment in this entry's Disqus thread that hanging up bags by their straps may actually hurt the bags over time.  She suggests two alternatives that would hold your bags without hanging them (I like this one best, although I can't tell if it's stackable.  Stackable would be---wait for it---clutch for space-saving purposes.)  Anyway, hang purses at your own risk.  I'm going to keep them displayed this way because it has been MAJORLY effective at increasing the circulation of my bags, but I'll stay very vigilant for any signs of damage/misshaping and may change display methods if necessary.  Except for the Kate Spade Rose Club Melisse, whose weight+length are probably not meant for hanging this way.]

How was your weekend?  Did you take advantage of Anthropologie's 50% off full priced outerwear sale?  What about the current 30% off sale goods promotion?  Perhaps both?  ...Like  me?  I'll tell you, December is KILLING my finances.  I think will be panting and begging for mercy come January.

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