Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Funday: My Day v. A Spy's Day

My Day A Spy's Day
Key job credentials: Impressive educational pedigree, J.D., bar admission, ability to manage tasks, conduct research, and meet time deadlines. Fluency in multiple languages, dexterity with a number of instruments of death, duplicitous personality.
Work attire: Business casual. Whatever blends in best with the locals.
Perks of the job: Free coffee and snacks, lots of free meals, good pay, regular business travel, discretionary bonuses. Cool life experience, free comprehensive plastic surgery (if necessary to reassign identity).
Biggest downsides of the job: Long hours, lots of work for big corporations. Threat of death, required comprehensive plastic surgery (if necessary to reassign identity), can't brag to friends and family about job or you have to kill them.
Indispensible office accessory: Blackberry. Poison/Suicide capsule to keep under tongue to avoid soul-crushing torture in the event of capture.
First task of the workday: Choose a K-Cup for morning Keurig. Dodge overnight assassination attempt.
Biggest workday challenge: Key case in legal research has some negative citing references. Chained to a conveyer belt that is quickly advancing towards a buzzing rotator saw, set to slice body in half.
Major victory: Turn in a memo on time. Stop enemies from detonating a nuclear bomb over major urban center.

Just keeping it in perspective!

Have a great weekend! Any fun plans?

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