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Anthropologie Sale Reviews + Partial Sale Haul

With Anthropologie's recent overload of promotions and sales, I've found myself in the possession of lots of try-on pictures that I've been remiss in sharing.  I realize these types of reviews are of limited interest to most of the general public.  However, I always find random online fit reviews to be very helpful as I consider my own purchases.

So here we go.

First, I'll start with my only purchase in this week's sale, which is making my heart go pitter-patter:

Bovary Dress, $100 (+30% off) (here)

Well hey there, beautiful dress.  I only noticed this in the store for the first time on Sunday, and apparently my longing gaze was all it took to push this to sale.  Although I generally get frustrated with Anthropologie's new markdowns during %-off promos (which seem to be marked down less than usual to compensate for the promotion), this dress is only about $10 more than you'd expect.

I love the way this drapes down the body.  The fabric is smooth (and it's washable!).  The sweetheart neckline is flattering, and the straps are removable.  It's not a particularly secure strapless dress (i.e., I won't be participating in dancing the "YMCA") but it's good enough for government work.

The downsides:  It certainly poofs out a bit at the hips, so if you're trying to minimize that part of your body, then this is probably not the dress for you.  Also, it's a bit smooshy of the boobs:

But that's only because it's supportive enough to go bra-less.  So I think the smooshiness cancels out.

Sizing:  I sized down from my normal 6 to a 4.  Incidentally, it was a VERY close call.  I tried on the 6 and loved it, too.  The difference was negligible in my mind:

(Size 6)

The sales associate at the Georgetown Anthro advised me that the waist should hit a bit higher, as it does in the size 4 dress.  The size 4 was a bit more secure in strapless mode---I could lift my arms two or three times before flashing the room, compared to one or two times with the size 6.

Overall:  Highly recommend!  I think this dress will look great with cardigans, pullovers, tights, heels, flats, boots, AND the fabric is light enough that it's wearable in the warmer months, too.

More reviews behind the cut...

Noon and Night Dress, $100 (+30% off) (here)

I sized up to a medium (from my normal-at-Anthropologie small), and it still felt a bit constraining in the bodice.  Still, I love the way the skirt poofs out, and the general shape of this dress.  I'm saving myself for the Embossed Basket Dress (reviewed here), but this piece is a popular ticket for those fans of the sleeveless design.

Graublau Blazer, $100 (+30% off) (here) (purchased)

I'm a little obsessed with blazers lately, probably because they add a bit of professionalism to any outfit, and goodness knows I could use some more professionalism.  I'm wearing a size 6 in these photos.  The blazer is crisp and comfortable, but if you are sensitive to itchy fabric then you may want to give this one a pass; it's partially wool, and the liner is not thick enough to insulate your skin completely.

I bought this blazer on Saturday (with 50% off the original price), but I'm still deliberating.  It's hard to judge it fairly given my unkept appearance in the photos.  I'll try it again know...a shower under my belt.  With these two other recent purchases on sale from Ann Taylor, I'm not sure which should stay and which should go.

(Ann Taylor)

(Ann Taylor)

Sweeping Stitches Pullover ($100) (was $50 during the weekend promotion---is this on sale now?) (sold out)

This photographed so nicely, but it just didn't seem worth $50 in person.  I'm wearing a size small in these pictures, although I usually take a size medium in sweaters.  It lays nicely and it's soft and comfortable.  If ponchos are your thing, this is a good one.

Hampden Peacoat, $130 (+30% off) (sold out)

I came so close to buying this one!  It's super soft and silky on the inside and it's just soooo cozy and lovely.   I sized down to a small.  I'd highly recommend if you're looking for a coat in this design.

Biggest downfall:  The hood is lame.  Also, the sleeves don't go all the way down.

Easton Cropped Peacoat, $100 (+30% off) (here) (purchased then returned)

Here's a nice, substantial peacoat by Cartonnier.  I'm not a fan of the cropped sleeves (WHY are we making cold-weather jackets like that??) but otherwise it's a nice substantial jacket in a classy cut and color.  Plus, the lining is made with the same fabric as the popular Trace the Stars blouse.

I initially purchased this coat, but then returned it.  Upon closer examination, it made me look REALLY wide...with absolutely no tapering at the waist, this just wasn't as flattering as I'd initially thought.

Solebury Cardigan (on sale for $50) (purchased on Black Friday with 50% off) (sold out) (purchased then returned)

Apparently, this cardigan is actually loungewear.  That makes sense, because the fabric is quite thin and pajama-like.  I returned this one because it's too casual for most purposes.  This is a size medium (my usual in cardigans/sweaters).

Art of Parties Maxi Dress, now $40 (check stores) (purchased)

Remember when I said that the Agnita dress was the second item that my all-nighter at work convinced me to buy?  Meet the first:

Can you see how this relatively unflattering "dress" would start to look REALLY awesome at three in the morning when it starts getting super-cold in your office?

I say "dress" because I just simply don't comprehend how Anthropologie calls this a dress.  As far as I'm concerned, this soft, warm, pajama-like thing is loungewear, not outerwear.  It's been lovely to wear about the house (or on the 11pm regional train from NYC to DC).  I don't see myself wearing this out in public (ieeeeeee elastic waistband + horizontal stripes), but for $40, it's a great winter nightgown!

It's sold out online but I've seen it hanging around stores.  I'm wearing a size small here.  The length is perfect, although the elastic is a bit strong around the waist.

Honeyed Hive Posts, $32 (sold out online) (purchased then returned)

I initially bought these based on Molly's recommendation, but as cute as they are, they're just not my style.  I'll leave them for someone else!  (For a counterpoint, read Molly's review.)

As you can see from the photo, they are both big and sparkly.

Colloquium Trousers, $70 (+30% off) (here) (purchased)

I tried these on in both orange and blue (also available in brown), and the blue was my favorite color.  Sleek and professional, I took my normal size 6.  (Note:  I had to size up to an 8 in the orange color, for some reason.)  I bought these in blue.

I liked the trim fit of these pants, and the tailoring felt substantial.  The most significant downside is that these pants have somewhat of an itch factor.  I'm not very sensitive to this type of texture, but if wooly things irritate you then you'll probably want to pass these up.

And yeah, that's totes my belly button hanging out.  Hot, right?  I know.

Tuberose Lace Skirt, $70 (+30% off) (here) (purchased, then...?)

This skirt has mediocre reviews online.  The reviewers aptly point out that the skirt is HEAVY---truly, you can almost feel the scales tipping as you pick it up.  The cut certainly makes it bulky at the waist.  Some reviewers have also pointed out that it's somewhat see-through.

However, I like the cut, and I love the color.  It doesn't seem inappropriately sheer to me.  I'm wearing my normal size 6, which was comfortable.

The thing is---if this skirt is truly so unpopular, then it's certain to experience at least one, and maybe two more price cuts before it becomes impossible to find.  So, should I just keep it now and stop worrying about getting the best price?  Should I return it and wait for more sale?  Or should I return it and slap myself hard in the face because it's not worth keeping at all?

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