Monday, November 21, 2011

Sale Haul: Paychecks and No Balances

I had SUCH a fun shopping week last week.  It seemed like everyone was having a 30-40% off sale, so I took advantage of a few of the discounts.  Then, a coworker and I went on a shopping trip in Friendship Heights/Chevy Chase.  We hit up LOFT, J.Crew, Sephora, Banana, and Anthro.  My coworker bought this GORGEOUS dress, which I would highly recommend based on how beautiful it looks on her:

I decided to pop into the Anthropologie accessories store in Chevy Chase before heading home.  While there, I had a lot of fun talking to blog reader and Anthro SA Bonnie, along with Dana, one of the store managers.  (PS:  props to Bonnie, who strikes a wonderful balance between helping justify your purchases and giving you good advice.  Plus she seems nice!)

Dana and Bonnie showed me their Doyle and Doyle estate jewelry collection.  Holy cow, these pieces are gorgeous (and horrifyingly expensive, but GORGEOUS).  If you find yourself in the possession of a small inheritance, I'd highly recommend checking out this collection.  As things stand, I nearly ran away screaming when Bonnie offered to open the display case holding these was almost as though I would be safe from the temptation if they stayed firmly in their locked box.  Like kryptonite to Superman.

The in-store shopping trip was a rare treat.  Mainly, I've been getting stuff shipped to my office, and on Friday one of the office tech guys gave me a scornful look.  I warned him that there would be two more boxes coming, and he said, "After that, maybe there should be twelve steps."  [I should add, in case you are inclined to read this seriously, that it was spoken with sarcastic scorn and acerbic wit in line with the guy's personality (which we love).]

Boxes in my office.

I probably shouldn't check my bank account on payday before my next planned shopping trip.  It's too encouraging.

Anyway, without further ado, I present my sale haul in three parts.  A few of the items I could not find online (i.e., two J.Crew fedoras I got on final sale that I didn't bother to photograph).  I need some advice on what to keep---scroll down to the third Polyvore set for the stuff I'm still debating, but of course feel free to chime in anywhere.

[edit:  I initially neglected to mention how much I appreciate your thoughts on the execution of the sale haul posts in Friday's post about ethical blogging.  I may experiment with different structures for this post (perhaps a "top five keeps" plus "maybes"?) but for now, I present (mostly) the whole thing.]



1. Print Cascade Ruffle Long Sleeve Blouse (Loft) ($20-ish with 40% off).  I took my normal size small.  This looks pretty big in the photos, but i like it a lot in real life.  It's like a less scary expensive version of the Dots Within Blouse (about which I still haven't decided, btw).

(Please ignore the skirt-area bulginess---I'm wearing a shirtdress)

2.  Rachel Leigh for Loft Cares Bow Bracelet (Loft) ($18 with 40% off, here).

I kinda want the Jessica Quirk bracelet, too (here), but they didn't have it in the store and I refuse to pay $8 shipping on it.

(Tried on a month ago)

I also got a cute $10 rhinestone bracelet.  You can see it next to my watch in this photo:

3.  Semiotics Mug ($7 at Anthro).  I've been eying this mug for a while, but it just always seemed inconvenient to carry a mug home with me.  Then it went on sale.  Yay.  (PS:  it holds a HUGE amount of coffee.  Probably at least 16 ounces.)

4.  Crawford Boyfriend Watch in Rose Gold ($16 + $5 shipping at Amazon).  So I gotta admit it, I really like those Michael Kors oversized rose gold watches.  For whatever reason, I just don't want to take the plunge yet, but I figured I'd spring for a cheap thrill that would look similar from a distance.  I tried two rose gold watches from Amazon (this was the other one) and the one you see here was my favorite.  Nobody (including me) is confusing this with the MK kind, but all I really wanted was a rose gold-looking oversized watch.

5.  Cuffed Tweed Crops ($60 at Anthro).  Wow.  No sooner did I tell you guys that I hate pants than I found these pants.  And holy geez.  I don't ever want to take them off.  They are SO comfortable and they feel very flattering.  At the very least, I feel like a million bucks in them!

6.  Kate Spade Journal Bon Shopper (via eBay).  I didn't buy this a few months ago when it went on sale, and I've regretted it since then (especially when Jess rocks it).  I found it on eBay for a reasonable price and went for it.

7.  Urban Decay Naked Palette ($48 at Sephora).  HOLY SHIT.  Hooooooooly shit!  You guys may have noticed that I rarely ever wear makeup on this blog.  I don't wear much of it in real life, either.  Just a little foundation faker, sometimes a bit of neutral eye shadow.  I picked up this palette on the recommendation of Mindy Kaling.

She is not fucking around, you guys.  This palette is awesome.  Know this:  it takes VERY little effort for me to look like a trannie when I apply makeup.  Blame the facial features, perhaps, but it's a fact of my life and it's led me to shy away from most cosmetic products.  However, even I have yet to really screw up with this set...the colors go together so well, and the included primer is fantastic.  Even at the end of a long day, my eye makeup looks fresh.

7.  Fine Dining Placemats ($17 here).  I almost bought these placemats (which come in a pad of 50 mats) at full price several times; the only reason I didn't is because I haven't had a dinner party on the horizon.  After I realized you could write on these (thanks, Molly), I was sold.  These cute placemats really kicked up the classiness of dinner with the BF this weekend:

 8.  Spoonful of Sugar Knob ($3 at Anthro).  I put these in my kitchen!  There's an inch or so of screw poking out into the drawer, but I love them anyway.  The overflow screw interferes with nothing, and these knobs are just too perfect.  I'm actually going to buy a few more to replace some of the other knobs.

10.  Plain and Simple Tank ($24 at Anthro, with 30% off loungewear last week).  I ordered this in a small, and it's way too small.  I need at least a medium, despite the fact that this tank is supposed to be an underlayer.  However, I was desperate for an undertank at work a few days ago so I wore this out of a lack of other options.  So it's mine now, I guess.  Whoopee.

11.  Angry Birds Hat ($17 on Amazon, spotted on Carol's twitter).  Hehe. 

12.  J.Crew Factory Lacey Ballet Flats (9.5, $60 plus 30% off).  These shoes were final sale, and only available online in a 9.  Based on my experience with J.Crew flats, I figured I would need a 9.5, but I bought these anyway because they're just so cute.  In some magical inventory/shipping accident, I actually received a 9.5---which fit perfectly!

13.  Coach Hamptons Wallet (via eBay).  This is aaaaalmost exactly the wallet that was stolen from me when I was robbed (it's just a bit bigger).  I've had an eBay search set up since May looking for exactly the right one.  Search done.

14.  Sam and Libby Elliance ($11 at  I dunno.  I was suckered in by 6pm's 11/11/11 $11 sale on select shoes and bought three pairs despite the fact that I HATE 6PM'S RETURN POLICY.  They make you ship the box back yourself, without a prepaid return label!  The last time I tried, it cost me $20.  TWENTY!!  I blacklisted 6pm for all exploratory purchases (i.e., stuff I haven't already tried on), but I couldn't resist their $11 shoes.  Sigh.  These shoes are decently cute, but the other two I bought are a loss.  So, these ended up costing $33.  Grr.

15.  When Life Gives You Lemons Poster ($15 via blimpcat on etsy).  This is the new motivational poster in my office.  It's quite the conversational piece.

This is a quote from the video game Portal 2, but I didn't know that when I bought it.  I just knew that I loved the quote from the moment I saw it on Meg's tumblr.



1.  J.Crew Factory Washed Chambray Shirtdress (S/M).  Too nightgowny.

2.  Factory Wool Pencil Skirt in Heather Carbon (4).  Too small.

3.  XOXO Rose Gold Watch:  I liked the Crawford watch better (above).  The mother of pearl-ish face was lovely, but the weight and wrist-size of the Crawford won out.

4.  Illusory Top (Anthro, 30% off with the loungewear).  This is VERY illusory.  And very clingy, even in a size medium.  Meh.

5.  Sweet Divinity Slip (Anthro, purchased with 30% off).  This came down to my knees and is quite full.  I just don't see myself regularly wearing a slip/petticoat like this.  I'd be willing to experiment, but not for $68.  I bought a size small and it was the right size.

6-8:  These things were just all bad.  The tanks were too small (bought a size small) and the dress was horrendous.  Click the polyvore if you're desperate for more information.


Please chime in with some opinions!


1.  J.Crew Factory Notte Tweed Pencil Skirt ($40).  I got this in a size four, and I'm worried it may be too small.  On the other hand, it may be okay (and I suspect the six would be a bit too big).  I love the color, texture, and bits of sparkle in the knit.

2.  J.Crew Factory Fallyn Skirt ($40).  This is another size four, and it's maybe too tight and definitely too plain.  But is that what business attire is supposed to look like?  I dunno, what do you people wear who dress more conservatively to work?  Stuff like this, right?

Also, I probably should not be shopping for any more pencil skirts until I lose these extra few pounds.  Sigh.

3.  Trinket Flats, Bow ($50 at Anthro).  I fell in love with these a few weeks ago, but since I'd never noticed them before I just assumed it would take forever for them to go on sale.  I planned to buy them at full price over the weekend, and then they actually went on sale!  Win!

...Or is it?

You guys, I swear I do not have horrifically deformed feet that I've been hiding from you all this time.  Why do these shoes make my feet look so deformed?  And why is the sole of these shoes so narrow?  And why do these bows kinda jingle a bit?  How did I not notice any of these things when I tried them on in the store a few weeks ago?

Is it wrong that I still want them?  I was SO excited about them!  Would you help me out here?  (FYI, I'm wearing my true size 9).

4.  Licorice Lace-Ups ($69 at Anthro).  I dunno.  I do need black boots.  These are a great price and great quality.  I guess I just need some enthusiastic public opinion or something.

7-8.  Spotted Satchel and Ruled Tote ($129 each at Anthro).  These bags by Holding Horses are so darn cute, but I just don't know if I need them.  In fact, I KNOW I don't need them.  So the question is, do they fill enough of a hole in my wardrobe to overcome the guilt of my knowledge that I don't need them?  Did I mention I got a paycheck the day I bought these?

I will be keeping my eye on these to see if I can re-find them in the 50% off sale Anthro is rumored to be having for Black Friday.  If purses are included, that may make the decision easier.

9.  Kenmare Illusion Top ($40 at Anthro).  So obviously I would not be wearing this shirt with these pants.  However, can you imagine this shirt looking cute tucked into a skirt (hiding the belly cling)?  The color and the embellished neckline are just so sweet!  I'm contemplating keeping the tags on of this one until post-Black Friday...this would be an easy decision at $20.  If I find one in stores at $20, I can return this one.

Whew, that was a mouthful!  Looking forward to hearing your advice.

(Also, coming up for you this week on Stuff Jewish Girls Like:  a muppet-worthy business attire fumble, an impressive go-to pie recipe, and a continuing discussion about the ethics of blogging over on this post.  I haven't had time to respond to your comments yet, but I've loved reading your thoughts so far.)

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