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Sale Haul: Anthropologie's Black Friday 50% off Sale

For those who don't keep up with my love of Anthropologie, you may not be aware that my favorite store offered a 50%-off-sale-merchandise discount on Black Friday from the hours of 6am to 11am.

And, well, I may have gotten a bit carried away...

Anthropologie Black Friday Sale Haul
And this isn't even the full haul...I also repurchased several items I bought originally for 25% off, with the intention of returning the 25% off pieces and keeping the 50% discount.  (Hellooooo spotted satchel!) After Anthro, I picked up a few pieces at Ann Taylor (not pictured yet).

Many of these items, I'm sure, will be going back; since Anthro's 50%-off promo was only good for a few hours on Friday, I over-bought a bit to avoid the regret of missing out on something.  While I can always return what I bought, I can't always buy them again at 50% off.

My Black Friday Anthropologie experience was perfect, despite an inauspicious beginning.  I slept through my 5am alarm and woke up at 5:38, immediately realizing something was amiss.  I jumped onto the computer to refresh the shopping cart I assembled the night before, since I figured new items would be sold out and I wanted to have my cart ready so I could just click "submit" on my cell phone at 6am and be done.  (Even though I planned to go to stores, I didn't want to count on items being available in stores (I'm looking at you, Agnita Dress).  The plan was to buy what I could online and then fill in the gaps at the stores.)

To my surprise, Anthropologie's 50% off promotion was already up and running at 5:38, so I quickly submitted my order and headed to the first store on my list in Boca.  Yes, Boca.  Although my mom lives in Miami, I thought the stores in Boca and West Palm would be less crowded and better stocked than the Miami stores (I've been to Merrick Park a few times, and I'm unimpressed with the size of their sale room). My grandparents live in Boca---along with everyone else's Jewish grandparents---and they kindly hosted me for the night so I'd have a convenient jumping-off point for the morning's sales.

I visited both the Boca and the West Palm Beach stores, and both stores had tons of great stuff and very patient sales assistants.  I didn't have to wait in line at all for the fitting room, and no more than 10 minutes at either location to check out.  I was finished by 10:30am, with much damage done!

A sales associate at the Boca Anthro comes bearing bottled water and Christmas cookies.

Last night, I found myself engrossed in the angry comments about Black Friday on Anthropologie's Facebook Page.  Apparently, many people placed orders at various times during the 50% off promotion (supposedly from 6am to 11am, but clearly with many time zone glitches) only to have their orders canceled in the afternoon after it was too late to look for the items in stores.  While I can definitely understand the frustration (and yes, these are #firstworldproblems, but customers are also entitled to provide feedback to customer service agents), I have somewhat less sympathy when I read comments from people who woke up at 9:30am, leisurely shopped around the website for an hour while adding items to their cart, and then eventually checked out.  Perhaps it is unreasonable for me to expect people to be so ridiculous as to assemble their cart the night before and mindlessly click the submit button as soon as they roll out of bed...but yes, to some degree, that is what I expect.

That said, I believe that some people who DID send in their orders extremely early still got shut out.  When I look at some of my favorite items from this sale haul, I can definitely sympathize with their disappointment.  I actually had a sinking feeling while checking out at the Boca store---they had both Holding Horses bags I bought last week in stock and at 50% off, and even though I'd bought them online at 50% off in the morning, I had a terrible intuition that many orders would be cancelled, and was I really willing to make a $65 mistake by not just covering my bases and buying them from the store?  I ran back mid-checkout and added the two bags to my order, just in case.

Did you have any issues with your online orders?  There's so much anger on Anthro's Facebook page that I wonder if Anthro will offer a "make-up" 50% off sale day sometime soon!  Hey, I'm always looking for the silver lining.

I'm skipping full reviews this week; I am really itching to wear a lot of these items, so you'll see them in upcoming outfits very soon.  Not to mention the fact that I'm still waiting for a portion of my items to arrive in the mail, so once that happens I'll give you some more reviews.

In the meantime, I want to highlight a few of my favorite things, and to ask your opinion on three others that are at the top of the "send back" pile.

(PS:  If you want to do a bit of your own post-Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping, check out my sale blog!  I cleaned out my closet to make room for these new purchases---and dropped the prices on the items that were previously listed.  You'll find lots of Anthro and J.Crew over there!)

A few favorites:

Amersley Loungers, $24 in Black Friday sale (available here)

They are so unassuming, and yet these are probably the most comfortable and most flattering pair of lounge pants I've ever tried on.  I don't even know how these ended up in my hands because they weren't on my radar at ALL, but wow.

Take this with a grain of salt; I tried to photograph them for you but couldn't seem to get a flattering picture.  So maybe it's all in my head.

But I think not.  They're probably magic.

Ihrin Shirtdress (sold out, but I think it was $75 on BF?)

Oh be still my heart.  The shade of green...the sleek way the pleats fall from the sweetly nipped waist...the slight blousy feel of the bodice...the silky sheen...if this dress were ice cream it would be pine nut gelato served in a little establishment facing a small beach in Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy.  Unassuming and utterly perfect.

This dress sold out online before I could buy it, and I completely forgot to look for it at my first Anthro stop despite my love for it (and despite being one of the first people in the store).  Amazingly, I found it in precisely my size about an hour into the sale hanging on a rack behind the fitting room; someone else tried it on but passed on it.

We were meant to be.  I'm frustrated I couldn't capture it with a dinky cell phone shot in my basement apartment---I realize it doesn't look particularly exciting in these photos.

AG Farrah Skinny Jeans (sold out, $50 on BF)

I wish my butt looked like this all the time.  I'm wearing a size 29, FYI.  (Also, yes, I decided to keep the foot-deforming trinket flats.  I can't resist the damn color.)

Four Most At-Risk as of this Moment:

Amber Room Top, $25 on Black Friday

I'm wearing a size XS in this top, which fits width-wise, but is too short lengthwise.  I have a size small coming in the mail, but I suspect that the length problem is inherent with the top.

Shown with the Cargo Pocket Sweater Skirt (here).

On the one hand, I adore the design and the shape is unique in my closet.

On the other hand:


Cissus Button-Up, Flower, $25 on Black Friday

I've got this top in the more popular green gingham pattern (an unposted, smaller sale haul), but I couldn't resist succumbing to its sister at 50% off.  I'm just not sure it's flattering.  I'm wearing a size small.

Confession:  I definitely took the tags off of this one within a few hours of taking these photos.  Of course, I can always sell it...

Renewed Folds Pullover, $25 on Black Friday

Yeah, I dunno.  It's probably going to get $25 out of use, even if I don't think it's particularly unique or awesome.  Right?  This is a size medium, up from my usual small.

Pictured with the Checked Crops (size 6).

Pompon-Dotted Tee, $30 on Black Friday

Pictured with a pair of brown tweed pants by Cartonnier (name?) (size 8).

I love the shape of the shoulders, but I'm clueless as to how to style this.  The pattern seems like it would clash with everything, and not in that (arguably) charming Anthropologie way.  This is a size medium.

I've got a bit of deliberation ahead of me as I figure out what I'm keeping and returning (both from this week and from last week).  I'll keep you posted.  With Cyber Monday on the horizon, I'll certainly need to reassess what I've already purchased.

Oh, Cyber Monday....

I think it's safe to say that those of you who have been missing the sale hauls will get your fill in the next week or so.

I hope you had a great black Friday shopping day!  Do you have your sights set on anything for Cyber Monday?

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