Monday, November 14, 2011

Quickie Reviews + A Small Sale Haul + OOTD

With my rare weekend off, I spent most of the day on Sunday strolling around Georgetown browsing the shops and buying a few fun treats.  I stopped by Anthropologie to return some of the no-gos from this week's sale and picked up a few pieces at J.Crew on my way home.

Here's the stuff that made the cut:

Sale Haul

Dots Within Blouse (6), $60 (sold out online) and Peppering Skirt ($128 here)
The $60 sale price tag on this shirt makes me want to cry, but it really is cute and professional.  I barely have a handful of work-appropriate long-sleeve shirts, so I suppose I should stop moaning and just be glad I managed to get my hands on one of these cute shirts.  These disappeared online pretty quickly, and I didn't see any in stock at the Georgetown store tonight.

I'm wearing my usual size six, which fits great everywhere except the shoulders, which feel a bit small.  I don't have a full range of motion in my arms, but I'd be concerned about sizing up given the sleekness of the overall look in my normal size.

The skirt you see me wearing in these pictures is Yona Baraschi's Peppering Skirt. I was surprised to see all the amazing reviews of this skirt online. The print is lovely, but the fit felt a bit off to me. I took my normal size six, and it felt comfortable at the waist, but the cut of the skirt seemed to poof out a bit around the pelvis.

However, the reviews of this dress are so positive that I may give it another try; it's certainly worth reconsidering at sale time.

Tweed Brigade Jacket, (now $40)
If you were keeping up with the comments on my last post, you may be surprised to see this piece in the "keeps" pile.  I'd pretty much resolved that I would return it due to its overly boxy appearance.

Then I found myself walking to the metro station with my Anthro returns in tow and thinking, "Man, I'm a little chilly.  I wish I had a light autumn jacket in some color other than black.  Something structured.  Maybe even something cropped."  D'oh.  Good thing I hadn't made it to Anthro yet.  It is SUPER-boxy, but buttoning it at the chest seems to taper it a bit.

I'm wearing my usual size 6.

J.Crew Blouson Dress in Royal Paisley, $90 $63 (now 30% off sale merchandise with code MUSTHAVE, very kindly retroactively applied to Sunday's purchase)

Man, I just love this pattern.  I'm wearing a size six; I alternate between a four and a six in J.Crew, it would seem.  The four fit and felt comfortable, but it was a bit unflattering in the belly area.

One could argue that this size is also unflattering in the belly area, but for now I'm a fan.  I mostly visualize wearing this with a pullover or a cardigan in the winter; maybe even a chambray button-down shirt.

And now for a few more Anthro reviews...

Twisted Ascot Tee (now $30)

I bought this piece online on Tuesday.  I loved the feel of the fabric of this shirt---it feels smooth, but yet thick and substantial.  However, I don't think the clinginess was doing my body any least not in this color.  Witness the following:

Yeah.  Not flattering.

Flurried Plumes Midi, now $40 in stores

I sized all the way up to a ten in this skirt (I'm usually a six).  I didn't find it particularly flattering, and the tweedy waistline was a bit itchy against my skin.  I was sad that this didn't work for me, because it's so cute, and who DOESN'T need another midi skirt?

Noon and Night Dress with Sleeves (not yet online) Embossed Basket Dress, $168 here (thanks Anna!)

Oooh, I was so excited to see an iteration of the popular Noon and Night dress in one of my favorite colors that I could barely resist buying it without even trying it on.  Try it on I did, though, and I can now see why everybody loved its sleeveless cousin so much.

This dress is comfy, flouncy, breathable, flattering, and GAWD IT'S SO GREEN.  I'm actually not crazy about the sleeves; they seem like they might show sweat, and I don't think they do your arms any favors.  I wish the neckline were a bit lower, too; the chest feels a bit boyish.

Here's what I need to figure out before I can take the plunge:  is it possible to successfully style a winter-weight dress in a summer color?  Because I kind of love this and I need someone to help me justify it.  I suppose this is as good of a reason as any to mess around on Polyvore.

The fabric is clingy, so I sized up to a medium for a bit more room.  You can see the medium in the photos above.  Here's the small:

And finally, here's what I wore on my afternoon-long shopping trip:

In this Outfit:
Anthropologie Tweed Brigade Jacket (6) (on second cut for $40 here)
Anthro Sunrise Shirtdress (4) (on third cut for $20!)
Anthro Triphasic Earrings
Anthro Rock Candy Ring
Anthro Go-Everywhere Tote (on second cut for $30!)
Hue Tights
Chelsea Flat (via Payless Shoes) (9, TTS) (here for $16.99, BOGO) (they need some breaking in around the ankle, but otherwise recommended)

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